Everything seemed normal, at least for a while until I woke up and got out of bed. I thought it all had been a dream. It was when I was brushing my teeth with several other girls in the small bathroom, feeling a slight doubt pricking at my skin, then BOOM! I spit toothpaste foam all over the mirror, much to the irritation of my school mates, who made heavy choruses of 'ew' and left hastily to use the bathroom downstairs. I was overwhelmed with realization. Only Gem stayed with me, it was not the first time she had witnessed mucous excretions detach from my body.

"Golly, are you alright Pen?" She asked, standing near the toilet so she could spit into it.

"Yeah, I...I'm fine."

Fine obviously meant not fine but Gem didn't detect my lie voice. She was too busy spitting into the toilet.

"I wasn't concentrating and accidently shoved my toothbrush too far into my mouth," I elaborated, as I pulled out several rings of toilet paper and started cleaning the mirror. She looked at me incredulously. Bugger, she found me out!

"You're not fat," she said.

Evidently, Gem was not a morning person.

"It was just an accident," I gulped, "You know me, The Study of Coordination Malfunctions is my major."

This time she ventured over to the sink, emptied her mouth and washed her toothbrush. She eyed me in the way only Gem can eye a person and make someone's bones rattle in their skin.

After a moment, "I'll see you down at breakfast. But if you want me to stay here instead and watch you vomit up some more toothpaste...that'll be okay too."

"No, Gem. I'm really fine. I'm just not feeling like myself today. It was just a momentary spazz attack."

She nodded slightly, hugged me and then held me by my shoulders.

"You. Are. Not. Fat."

Then she smiled and left.

If Gem's words had of been "You. Are. Not. Doomed", I would have been soothed. But alas, my brain went to thoughts of Cameron.


Maybe he was just kidding around? Maybe, just maybe he has an incurable disease where one hallucinates other people, people like Samantha, and in their delusions they might relate their emotions to the wrong person? Yeah... that must be it.

I flushed down the toothpaste-foamed soaked toilet paper, waddled out of bathroom and collapsed over my bed, staring at the roof. I didn't know what to feel. No one has ever said that they liked me before (was I even likeable, in that way?). I admit it, I was afraid. I feared seeing him. My lips would probably end up on his knee if he tried for a kiss.

"Ergh!" I sprung up, momentary heart stop.

Although imagining Cameron kissing me was the most beautiful thing ever generated by my brain, it was too much for me to handle right now. I squeezed me chest, waiting for my heart to start again.

Okay, let's get this over with. I couldn't avoid him for long. Samantha's homicidal episode draws nearer as I descended the staircase, clad in my Dad's snowball coat.