I sighed from the darkened corner of the room, silently watching over her as she slept. It had been two long days since I had brought her here, and she was still out cold. To be honest, I t was really beginning to worry me.

I heard a light stirring over on the bed from beneath the comforter, and it broke me from my train of thought. I gazed lovingly toward it, where my girlfriend of almost two years lay sleeping.

I quickly realized that she must be slightly terrified. After all, who wouldn't be? How often is it that you wake up in a bed in which you have no idea where you are, and in the undead realm as well?

I spoke softly, trying to make her feel as safe as possible, "Don't be afraid, you're safe..."

I could tell that the sound of my voice had comforted her a little bit, but I wasn't quite so sure that she had recognized who I was just yet.

I also noticed that she was trying to sit up and quickly tried to stop her.

"Hey there…take it easy. You've been through a lot."

I tried to make my voice as gentle and soothing as possible so that she wouldn't be frightened any further.

"W-what happened?" I heard her softly speak, seeming afraid to speak anymore loudly.

But then again, after the car accident she had been in just three days ago, I'd be afraid to talk too.

At her voice, I slowly emerged from my place in the shadow of the corner, fluffing my black wings, locking them in place, and letting my wavy locks tumble down to my mid-back. I sat down on the edge of the bed, trying not to make the mattress too much as to not put my angel into any further discomfort.

I spoke in a quiet voice, "You were in a car accident Sweetie."

In the darkness, I saw that she blinked lightly. I had expected that reaction. After all, she had just gone through the biggest change in her lifetime. How could I expect her to know who I was?

I saw her eyes shift around the room as well, but since I had left the lights off, there wasn't much to see in the dimly lit room. In fact, the only visible item was the bedside stand that was being illuminated by the neon green light of the alarm clock.

I brought my gaze to it. 2:37 A.M. Rather late, but I was glad that my angel was okay. I couldn't live without her.

To be honest, I really didn't care how long I had to stay awake. As long as I could be near her and protect her, I was the happiest demon alive. That was exactly what I lived for, making her happy, and seeing a smile brought to her beautiful face.

I realized that neither of us had spoken for a few minutes; but I heard her voice break that silence asking me for a glass of water.

I gazed toward her, forcing myself to smile weakly and exited the room, glancing back to her as I left. I was almost afraid to leave her behind, but for her, I would do anything.

I walked down the long corridor hallway of what was known as 'The Mansion' and down the stairs that led to the ground floor. I turned left and I was in the kitchen.

First I made my way to the cabinet where the glasses were kept and brought a clear glass from within it. Then I went to the refrigerator, pressing the glass to the ice dispenser, allowing crushed ice to fall into the glass, then to the water, watching as the water trickled down into the glass in my hand. Last, I made my way to another cabinet, opening it, revealing where we kept all of the medicines. I located a bottle labeled as Ibuprofen and removed two of them from the bottle, picked the glass back up, and headed back up the stairs to my love.

I couldn't help but smile as I re-entered the room. I could see her silhouette in the darkness curled into my pillow. She seemed to be so at peace, considering the hell that she had been through in her accident.

I walked to the side of the bed, and flipped the lamp on.

I saw a look of shock in her eyes as she realized where she was; now trying to figure out how she had gotten there. I however wasn't quite ready to tell her the details, or how this had happened. I couldn't find it in my heart to push that information on her, not yet.

I heard her voice once more, which confirmed to me that she indeed knew who I was.

"A-Angel…I-what am I doing here?"

I looked to her, my onyx eyes meeting her emerald, unsure of how to tell her. I was never the best with words, but I had no earthly idea how to tell my love that she had died in that car accident that I had already spoken of and she was no longer mortal. She was now in the undead realm, living with myself and the rest of her family.

My eyes must have held some sort of grief, because I heard her voice softly speak, "Sweetie…tell me…what's going on? What is it darling?" I could t ell she was starting to panic, but I wanted her to remain calm. She didn't need this right now.

My onyx eyes never left her green and I spoke again, trying to comfort her. "Don't worry about it Love. Not right how. Here's the water you asked for. Drink it and take these." I knew that I probably sounded extremely cold hearted to her, but I couldn't tell her just yet. She had enough on her plate with a full recovery to come. I couldn't allow her to bear any extra emotional distress. I loved her too much to let her hurt anymore than she already was.

I gazed to her once again, opening my hand, revealing the two Ibuprofens to her. "They will help with the pain."

I saw her lightly nod as I extended the glass, holding it to her lips, allowing her to drink, then take the two pills and drink once more. When she finished, I set the glass to the bedside stand and looked to her. I smiled yet again, seeing a warm, almost child-like grin on her face. It was enough to make a demon's heart melt. I may have been demonic, but I still knew my morals.

I met her eyes once more and she asked me to help her sit up so that she could be with me. But I assured her that I could do even better than that.

I shifted lightly and folded the black comforter down, sliding in next to her. I carefully wrapped my arms around her for and felt her sigh into them.

I leaned in, feeling her feeling her lips meet my own, returning it in the same gentle manner.

I was right where I had always wanted to be…right where I belonged. This green-eyed beauty next to me was everything to me. We had been through hell and back with one another, and I wasn't about to lose her. Not even to death.

I would do anything for her, no matter what it took, and how long it took. I would be there for her forever, and spend my eternity with her. I didn't care what it took. I love her, and that's all that mattered to me. She had me forever, and I wasn't going anywhere.

"My Love…" I heard her sigh once more and whisper softly in her sleep.

That was all it took. My heart, no matter how demonic, belonged to her, and it always would.

I let my own eyes close, finally starting to drift into the seep I had been deprived of since her accident. I now knew she was safe, and I could sleep, knowing she was right next to me and okay.

I wrapped my wings securely around her and kissed her cheek gently. After that, I was extremely close to being out.

She was safe next to me, and that, as I already said, was all that mattered to me.

Life would be rough, but that was quite all right. We were together, and I wasn't letting her face this road alone.

This woman was my every dream, and so much more.

I felt myself slip from the world of consciousness and into a world of slumber, my wings wrapped around her still.

Here I was…the luckiest demon alive. We could make it through this. I knew we could. I needed her just as badly as she needed me.

I sighed once more and finally nothing…I was out cold next to her, securely wrapped around her, not letting her go.

A/N: Okay so it took me forever to get this typed. I've had it written for over a week now, but I'm finally getting it typed. I hope that Magdeline will forgive me, if I totally fucked up her personality, but this is what came to me, and I thought it'd be a good idea to do a chapter in her POV. Hope you guys enjoy it.