1Mr. High-and-Mighty

So, are my tears blue?

Like my eyes?

Or are they brown,

like yours?

My heart is broken

like my sobs as

I try to swallow

the lump you

shoved down my throat.

And, still, I'm grasping

for your hand in the

endless dark.

Well, you stick out your

foot, to trip me.

And, still, it's contact,

that's all I'm after.

Can't you just

give me a break?

I'm not asking for

your heart,

just a friendly hand

on my shoulder.

Too much; I know.

But cant you just..?

Give me a break.

I don't want to

want you

I just want you

to feel


I just want you

to feel

my hand

on your shoulder

as I push you off

of your pedestal.