Prologue: The Beginning

Maybe you won't believe this. Maybe this is a wasted effort. Maybe I shouldn't ethically be doing this. Maybe this is too much for the public at large to deal with. So many maybe's. Maybe if I hadn't walked down that particular road that night. Maybe if I had fought harder. Maybe if I hadn't trusted him. Maybe if I hadn't fallen in love. Maybe, if none of that had ever happened, things wouldn't have ended up the way they did.

Life is full of maybes, but I will not believe it is my lot in life to forever wonder about the what-if's. I did go down that road. I did fight as hard as I knew how. I did trust him. I fell hopelessly in love. And things are the way they are.

I know what happened will haunt me for the rest of my life. It isn't in my nature to kill. It's against everything I am, everything I've always been. But I can honestly say that that decision was the only one I can say I was completely right in making. \

But I'm getting ahead of myself. No doubt I've completely confused you. Sorry, the emotions are still a little too raw, a little too recent. That's why I'm writing this, to bleed it all out. Then, maybe, I can go on, without that poison inside me.

I'll start with an introduction. My name is Jasmine Love Devine. Not that many would know that anymore. I was only seventeen years old when it all begun, afraid of driving, innocent and trusting of everyone and everything. Too innocent and trusting. I believed too much in the good of people. Although my friends all say I still do, far too much. Can I help it if I refuse to be as jaded as them?

Back then, though, I believed everyone had something in them worth saving, that no one was deserving of hatred. I believed that there was always something you could do, some way to escape from horrible things. I believed that old saying that when one door closes, another one opens, whole heartedly. But, most of all, I believed in people. That, as a whole, we were capable of anything, of conquering any evil.

I was young enough, back then, to think I could take on the world, without losing any of who and what I was. And, with the idiocy that comes with said youth, I believed myself invincible. I believed no one could destroy my moral system. No one could change my mind.

I was stupid.

The only excuse I can offer for such an idiotic attitude is the innocence of youth, the blindness of hope, and the enthusiasm of the adventuress in me. Take it, for what it's worth.

But, you're probably wondering what happened. Well, it's all very simple. First, though, I have to tell you about a corporation called TFA. The Future of America. A top-secret, military funded corporation that no one has ever heard of. Or, at least, they probably never would have if it weren't for me.

This corporation, although I can personally attest to their existence, has never been entered into any formal listing within our country's databases. To all intents and purposes, it never existed. But you can't erase what impact it had on so many lives. Lives that, like TFA, never existed.

You see, TFA was working on a project, a very important project. They had a contract with the U.S. government, although it was never put in writing, nor mentioned in any official ordnance. But, fifty million dollars mysteriously appeared for the corporations use every month. Not to mention, there was a new barracks made for sixty soldiers that didn't exist and hasn't been used by anyone for two years now.

And sixty teenagers vanished during the week after it's construction.

The contract was simple, actually. The U.S. government would pay for all research, turn a blind eye to all "mysterious" activities TFA engaged in, and, in return, TFA made them the perfect soldiers. The perfect, most efficient killing machines ever known to man. People.

I don't believe that that was the first human experimentation in the history of man, nor do I believe it to be the last, but I think that it was the most horrific to date. At the very first of TFA's contract, they built no barracks. In fact, TFA had no idea where exactly to begin. They had ten separate ideas that looked very promising, and ten that looked only marginally promising. So, twenty different teams were developed, each working on one of the separate ideas.

At first, only animals were used in the experiments. As can be imagined, the results were horrifying, disgusting.

And positive.

Five of the very promising ideas was found to be capable of use. None of the marginal possibilities were found positive….except for one. That one was, in fact, the most important of them all, for that experiment made the rest far better than they ever could have been.

First, let me explain what the first five were. Ideas number one and two were not useful for anything beyond animal experimentation. The first made animals into extraordinary monsters. In fact, if you've ever seen the movie Alien, the end product of this experiment was very similar, and, in fact, had been inspired by just that movie. Their blood was turned to acid, their teeth to pointed incisors, their claws dripped poison, their eyes were blood red, their skin almost impenetrable and completely immune to acid, and their personalities were altered to only wish to tear something apart. The second made their breath into a noxious gas. All you had to do with one of these was let a cat, or dog, or rat go inside of a chosen site, and spread the gas with every breath it takes, killing everyone it comes near. The reason these were found unusable in humans, was it made them uncontrollable, and, in fact, destroyed all other brain cells that weren't stimulated by the procedure.

Now, the next three were found acceptable for human use. They had scientific terms for them all but we all personally named them in an easy to remember way. These three were the pres, the upgrades, and the splicers. The splicers were quite simple. You just splice another animals DNA with the other ones. A certain amount of splicing could be administered without killing the patient, but it would not get you very far that way. Only a certain amount of abilities could be conducted. They tried and tried to get it beyond this point of use without killing patients, but found it impossible. Now, the upgrades were a lot like the mutants in X-Men, with only one particular special ability, but were still essentially human. The pres were never actually clearly defined. In fact, they were quite mistakenly stumbled over in the research of their idea. Their idea was to make people incredible like those in fairy tales. Like fairies, ogres, that sorta thing. And, in fact, they did just that, with some strange…side effects. You see, you never could figure out what a person, or animal, would become when you administered the serum. They could turn into anything. Eventually, they found out that there was a direct link between their personalities and what creature they became. For pres are in fact creatures, no longer human in any real way. Their entire DNA is restructured, something that almost kills the person administered with the serum, and did kill many before they perfected it. But, even then, it became a fifty-fifty shot.

And the last of all the ideas was what we call the nanoes. Nanoes are what those given the shot with nanites inside are called. Essentially they become perfect. All brain functions are restored, so you are no longer using just ten percent of your brain, but a full one hundred, plus there's the added bonus of having the ability to heal any cuts or abrasions. Poison is instantly sought out and destroyed, nanites go after any kind of virus, cancer, anything that could possibly go wrong with your body, it seeks out and destroys. And it has a learning mechanism, so any new viruses or threats can be quickly analyzed and summarily destroyed.

With these nanites, the scientists finally had the key to unlocking all the hidden potentials in all of the other experiments. But, the thing of it was, was that when they thought of combining two of their experiments, logically, the next step was to combine all of the experiments.

And, voila, their sixty soldiers were thought up. Sixty figuring to be the perfect number because, that way, you have forty-nine soldiers, nine healers, one leader, and one secret weapon. Of course, these all have to be perfectly chosen for their personalities. So, you have to watch them before getting them, learn them, understand them.

And sixty teenagers were kidnapped.

Of course, that whole procedure only started after they had already experimented on hundreds of other people. Some of them survived, but many died. Died in various horrible, inhuman ways.

Take for example, Minnie Laurens, born and raised in Tempe, Arizona. She was kidnapped on her thirty-second birthday. A woman of a similar description as Ms. Laurens, given the pseudonym "Mouse," showed up in TFA's lab the next week. Two days later, she was administered the pre serum. Her specific personality type was so rare, they were unsure of what creature she would turn into. They never found out (although, later, her personality was identified as Kind Fairy, a very rare breed, which I will explain…eventually). Her blood boiled inside her veins, to the point of spontaneous combustion. TFA's read-outs on her stats showed she was alive and, worse, aware until her body self-detonated. The last moments of her life were spent screaming silently, and, no doubt, praying for some end to the pain.

Another example, would be Lee James. He was born in a hospital in NYC. His mother was informed shortly after delivery that he died in one of the back rooms. Lee James, carrying no pseudonym as he was never presumed missing, appeared in the TFA's lab two weeks later. He was administered with the nanites shortly there-after and suffered an adverse reaction. According to the biopsy done on the baby's body, the nanites had been designed for an adult human's biology, not a baby's forming one. The nanites attacked his forming cells like it would cancer forming in an adults' body. The baby died screaming in pain as he was murdered from the inside-out.

Personally, I think the worst way to die is the way Graham Williams died. He was only nine years old when they kidnapped him from Paducah, Kentucky. Three days later, he arrived at TFA, under the pseudonym "Cracker," and had nanites inserted into his blood stream. This was in the early stages of the experiment, and they saw that it was working when they slit his wrist and it healed over. He, of course, screamed in pain when they did this, but that was to be expected. They were excited by their success, so they tested it by putting him in a room with the animals that had been the first test subjects. He died four hours later, because the synopsis in his brain overloaded with the pain, and his nanites were busy trying to work on this problem. The animals tore him to pieces, after torturing him for a few minutes.

Of course, splicers and upgrades had their fair share of problems. Anna Harp went missing in Austin, Texas a week and a half before she appeared in TFA's laboratories, under the pseudonym "Banana." She was spliced four days later, with a bunny rabbit. They were hoping for her to be able to jump long distance's. No one knows if she could have. Her heart sped up so fast that she died of a heart attack an hour after the procedure began.

Finally, Georgia Moore was kidnapped from Annapolis, Maryland and arrived in the TFA's labs two weeks later, under the pseudonym "Atlanta." The next day, she was given an upgrade serum. She died two hours later from blood loss. Apparently, she had the ability to move water. She expressed her desire to die several times aloud before actually dieing, and the final conclusion is, seeing as blood is ninety-two percent water, she willed her own blood to come pouring out of every hole in her body. And, with the increasing pain, came an increasing wish to die from Georgia, causing her to die that much faster.

These are just a few examples of the many disturbing deaths TFA has caused in the name of science. While I'm morally obligated to point out that playing God is never a good idea, I hold nothing against TFA for their goal. To not have to watch your children or parents die is always a good thing. To be smarter, faster, better is wonderful, too. But I find apprehensible the way in which TFA went about getting these results. What they did was wrong, with or without good intentions.

The person I hold the most accountable and the most liable for it all is Doug Hewitt, the President of TFA. It was his dream, his vision to create a perfect world. But his biggest goal was to get rich creating that world. And he had no qualms against using whatever means possible to get what he wanted.

Now, this story, I'm sad to say, has nothing to do with Minnie, Lee, Graham, Anna, or Georgia. Or, at the very least, it has very little to do with them. This story is about my friends and me. About our run-in with TFA and what it finally lead to.

You've probably come to the logical conclusion by now. We were the sixty teenagers stolen from our homes, used for them to combine their experiments, to make their perfect soldiers.

Each of us was followed, chosen for our personalities, kidnapped, and experimented with. You may not believe the words I've already printed, nor the ones that follow, but it's the truth. It happened. We were there, and this is our perspective on what happened. You can draw your own conclusions, but I promise you, this is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. I will also warn you, this isn't a light read. Death, corruption, pain, torture, fear, rape, and various other forms of hell will be described in this book. If you cannot handle it, I suggest you stop reading here and now. Because this is how it happened, and I will not lie just to satisfy the faint of heart.

The following story is written by me, for me, and no one else. It's about the last moments of Jasmine Love Devine's life, her death, and, finally, my birth inside her body. She died a long time ago, and, to be honest, I'm glad to see her gone. She never could have dealt with the torture I'm about to describe. She never could have survived what I went through. But I still blame TFA for her death, for the loss of her innocence. Maybe she would have lost it anyway. Maybe she shouldn't have had it in the first place. Maybe not having it is far better than having it. I said it in the beginning, and I'll say it now, life is filled with maybes. But don't waste all of that life wondering on those maybes. Because that's not the way it was. Don't disillusion yourself. And, maybe, it's better the way it is.

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