Lovely Boy

Dear lonely boy,
Lost in your little world
Destroyed by your peers
Dying just to live
Sparing time to open wounds
Pleading for someone there
A certain strength for you

I smiled to myself
Seeing you happy for once
A feeling of accomplishment,
A feeling of happiness,
A feeling of...

Dear lonely boy,
I whimpered in my sleep
For you fought with me
And I lay breathless
Hoping to dream
Of a happy ending
Not a beautiful tragedy

I cried over myself
Knowing I hurt you again
A feeling of depression,
A feeling of sorrow,
A feeling of...

Dear lonely boy,
You spoke to me again
With blood flowing down you
Your arm cut to pieces
Overwhelmed with guilt,
I wept for so long over you
Because I realized how much I really cared

I whispered to myself
That this could never be
A feeling...
A feeling...
A feeling...
A feeling...
A feeling...
I'd never felt before...

Dear lonely boy,
It was a quiet summer day
When you told me your wish had come true
There was someone special for you
Someone who... loved you.
Someone who would hold your hand
Someone who would heal your wounds
Someone who looked into your eyes and told you,
"I'll never let you go."

And I screamed for so long
I couldn't believe what I'd heard
It was so hard to take in
And I broke down, broke down
I hurt myself for you
Cried so hard I couldn't breathe
I never meant to betray you
But I couldn't take it anymore
I cut so deep, I wished you would know
How much I...

Dearly lovely boy,
I still adore you
Still think about you before I fall asleep
I still care for you
Still remember the old memories
And I am proud of you,
For being there for me, as I for you
Being the true friend we both want
Being the true friend we both need

Lovely boy...
A feeling of friendliness,
A feeling of loveliness,
A feeling of...
Of course I do.

Dedicated to Craig. I love you so much, you have no idea. Thank you for your friendship.