I run through the forest on a winter night

Cold air burning my lungs with its might

Branches grabbing at my arms and hair

Drawing my blood, and still I don't care

The music's fists pound in my head

Providing distraction from everything said.

Wailing voices slip through the bare trees

Adding to the beauty that nobody else sees

I don't stop, or slow, or look at the ground.

I focus only on the pain; on the sound.

My eyes, unblinking, stare straight down the path

To the fork in the trees, and what I chose last.

My feet begin slowing as I come to the spot.

I stand there shaking, betrayed by my thoughts.

With a will of their own, my legs cause me to choose

Between a life that I know, or one with nothing to lose

I breathe in, quick, and get a throat lodged with ice

As I'm shown the mistakes I've made in my life

Backing away while my eyes continue their feast

When I notice the noises around me have ceased.

I turn fully around and break my own spell

Running away from-but, no, I'll never tell.