I HATE . . .

I hate it how suicide is considered an easy way out

yet so many people can't bring themselves to do it.

I hate it how so many people can.

I hate it when people think I'm mute, deaf, and blind

just because I can't bring myself to speak.

I hate it when I use all my strength to say something,

but people only hear and never listen.

I hate it when clocks are loud

and they sound like ticking time bombs.

I hate it when people just expect me to believe

everything they say.

I hate feeling this way

and having no one that's willing to help me.

I hate it when people look at me like I'm insane

during an attack.

I hate it when people stand next to me,

but never talk to me.

I hate it when no one notices me

until I do something wrong.

I hate having to walk out of rooms

because I'm overwhelmed.

I hate it when sandwiches get warm from the heat outside.

I hate it when the corner of pages get bent.

I hate not being able to control how I feel.

I hate it when the door closes on my face.

I hate it when people stand behind me.

I hate having to eat to survive.

I hate crying for no reason.

I hate having anxiety.

I hate seeing myself.

I hate being insane.

I hate being wrong.

I hate being hurt.

I hate being me.