Copy Cat

Why do you insist,

On trying to be something you're not?

Why want to be me,

When I could be nothing like you thought?

Copy Cat…

How can you think,

That you possibly know me?

And it hurts that,

I can't be all that I really want to be,

Because I'm afraid,

That you'll try to take it and say,

That it's your own,

Go on though if you think I'm okay.

Copy Cat…

Friendship held high,

My feelings hiding inside below,

Why ask me questions,

When you 'claim' you're smart and already know?

Don't try to be me,

Why is it so hard to be what you really are?

Are you that afraid,

That being yourself won't get you so far?

Copy Cat…

You're nothing but a fake,

You do nothing but try to be me or you just lie,

Trying to be someone else,

Don't be me or something you're not, don't try,

Stupid Copy Cat…

We're both so different,

We come from different homes, a different place,

Yet you make us sound the same,

Maybe you haven't seen the expressions on my face,

Copy Cat.

You'll never be me,

You're perfect image of me will surely burn,

Because I'm not perfect,

Maybe then you'll never wish to return,

My Stupid Copy Cat…

We're exact opposites,

If you think for one second we're like the same song,

Then correct yourself,

Because that assumption is very twisted and wrong,

You're the exact opposite,

Of anything that I would ever want to pretend to be,

You're nothing more than a fake,

Being like you would only bring out my insanity,

Stupid Copy Cat.