And the wind almost took me away

Part I:

I've never loved the sun more than I did in that moment.

As I laid there, a gentle veil of warmth enveloped my body. I could only close my eyes and breathe in the ocean breeze. I listened to rising and the falling of the tide-everything else was conveniently silenced. I opened my eyes to see the clouds and the beautiful blue, so perfectly molded together to form the sky.

All my worries, my fears, my sadness were swept away and became nothing more than the foam of the sea.

I've never loved my life more than I did in that moment.

Part II:
I looked over you and smiled.

You squinted back at me, using a hand to shield your eyes from the sun.

"I need sunglasses. Give me yours."

"No. Use your towel."

"You suck."

Part III:
"What street are we on?"

His face-so angry in mine. I let out a nervous chuckle, and he looked absolutely furious. I quickly scanned my surroundings, in search of a sign.

"Well, where are we?!"

He now turned to glare at her, and she rolled her eyes and announced that she had no idea. He looked at me again.

" two are supposed to be the navigators! Navigators, where are we?!"
"We don't know, Dad..."

"We went that way...I'm certain we did."
"No, we didn't."
"Yes...we did."
"NO! We went this way and that way."
"No...we crossed the park adjacent from the cathedral."
"Well, if you know your way around so well, why don't you lead us? Navigator."

I did, and we found our car in the end. A simple, "I'm sorry for not listening to you" would have sufficed, sir.

Part IV:

Everything was so different at night. The water was black. I shuddered at the sight of it, and I feared something would crawl out of the water and kill us both.

The beach was so scary at night, but the moonlight made it so much more beautiful.

I wish we stayed there forever.