- This is a work of fiction. Places and characters are all fictional. Any similarity to real people, dead or alive, is a coincidence

- This story is not about any historical people. The 'kingdom' mentioned below is totally fictional. No such kingdom exists.

- Story takes place in modern times.

In a place far far away, there was a country called the Kingdom of Eastralia ruled by His Majesty King Edward (the first, his son is also called Edward) and his Queen Her Majesty Queen Victoria.

Alright, I tried to make it sound like a fairy tale but guess what, although it's close but it's not exactly that. I live a fairy tale life but trust me, this type of life also takes a lot of hard work.

By now you must be wondering what I'm blabbing about. Let me introduce myself.

My name is Anna Milles. As you may have guessed, I live in a country called Eastralia. Eastralia is a beautiful country. It has lovely mountains on the west and beautiful beaches on the east. It's not too wet, it's not too dry. It's not too cold and it's not too hot. A perfect place. A little piece of heaven some people call it.

I'm a 21 year old girl. I used to be a normal girl. I do normal thing, I look normal, nothing out of the ordinary. The royals called people like me a "commoner". Yep, I was a happy commoner until one day I met my prince charming. When I said prince charming, I meant it literally. A real life crown Prince. The son of the King. What am I doing with the crown prince you might ask? Well, let me tell you honestly, I don't know!

Despite of his good look (tall, blonde, and handsome – your typical prince charming), I used to hate this guy, and any royalty basically. I thought he must be a spoiled brat with all the treatment he's getting. Come on, he's the heir to the throne, probably one of the most important person in this country. And he's blessed with a very charming look. Every girl adores him. They would scream when they see him, some even fainted. Yup, I'm not kidding. My best friend used to have his posters all over her bedroom's wall and dreamt that one day she would be his Queen. But she's not so lucky although if you ask her now she would say she's lucky he doesn't want to marry her because she now thinks he's a softie. Basically, he's not what she thinks he would be which in turn makes me, the royal hater, fell in love with him. Yes, I'm the lucky girl. He adores me as much as I adore him. And we're getting married next month. Do you know what that means? I'm going to be the crown princess!

Fairy tale? Yes. And no.

I live in the palace now. I have to take princess training everyday. My trainer is this strange lady in her mid-30's called Lucy. She's slim and tall. She always put her hair in a bun on top of her head which makes her looks a bit like a pencil. Psst, please don't tell her I said that. She would definitely punish me. She's very strict. When she caught me do or say anything non-pricess-y, she would shake her head and say, "that's not how princesses behave", and she would make me recite the name of the Queens since the beginning of this Kingdom. You may ask what's the use of that? I really don't know. I told you this lady was strange. She's also very unpredictable. Sometimes when she says things, you don't know whether she means what she says or she's trying to insult you. For example, when my best friend and I first move in here (I will explain about my best friend a bit later), we were chatting, giggling, and jumping excitedly like all girls do. When Lucy saw us, she said in her straight serious face, "it's nice to have girls around in the palace again." Now what does that mean? Does she mean it's really nice or does she mean we're too noisy?

I'm lucky to have Natasha, my best friend here in the palace, she's also taking princess lesson with me but the difference is, she knows most of it already because she was brought up to be a princess. See, Natasha's family and the royal family is related. They share great-great-great (I don't know how many great's) grandfather. Natasha's father is the famous business man, Lord Pennington. So Natasha's title is "Lady" Here in the palace, everyone calls her "Lady Natasha". She always wanted to marry the crown prince but then she fell in love with the other prince, the second in line to the throne, Prince Andrew, Crown Prince Edward's cousin. So here we are now together in the palace. It was because of Natasha I get to meet Edward, my fiancé. Queen Victoria, Edward's mother wanted Natasha as her daughter-in-law (who wouldn't want Natasha? Beautiful, smart, well-mannered and very princess-like) but unfortunately for her, her son fell in love with me, the commoner. She didn't agree so easily, we went through so many dramas before she finally accept me.

Now the Queen is kinder to me, although it is still very obvious to everyone that she prefers Natasha. I don't mind because I must admit I'm nowhere as capable as Natasha. Natasha is a fine lady, I'm not. Natasha also Lucy's favourite. Again I understand her for liking Natasha better.

Apart from those things I mentioned above, life's here has been great. My bedroom is huge. My bathroom and wardrobe are also as huge. I have my two lady-in-waiting, Ashley and Brianna. They are both are very sweet and dedicated girls. They sometimes do things just to make me laugh. Their main purpose in life is to make sure I'm well looked after.

Now let me tell you a bit about the royal affair I have been involved in (it's going to be boring, so feel free to skip it). My mother, used to be a maid in the palace. She used to work for the Queen Mother (the mother of the King). She and the second prince (the King's brother) used to be lovers. The Queen Mother of course wouldn't accept my mother so she forced him to marry a young princess, Princess Cecilia. My mother was crushed but nevertheless she married my father who was there for her and had me. Sadly, my father died before I was born. Life was hard for her without a husband. Prince Arthur secretly helped her out. They ended up having an affair and my mother fell pregnant. The Queen Mother found out and wasn't happy about it. After my mother gave birth to my little sister, she kicked my mother out of the palace and kept the baby. She made my mom swear not to say anything or come and see her baby if she doesn't anything to happen to her baby. So my mother left the palace broken hearted. The baby then was then given to the now Queen Victoria, Edward's mother. She had a miscarriage at the same time as when my mom gave birth. So my little sister was raised as Princess Bella who died in a terrible car accident five years ago.

Queen Mother regretted what she did to my mom. When she found out that I was the maid she kicked out's daughter, she persuaded the Queen to accept me. She was afraid Edward would become a sad man like her son who was forced to marry someone of his mother's choice. And she doesn't want whoever forced to marry Edward to be a sad princess like Princess Cecilia.

So that's how I get here. It's all in the past now. My mother is now working at Queen Mother's palace. People around me told me that apparently I look very much like Princess Bella. Well, she was my half-sister after all. It's sad that I never had the chance to get to know her. However, people around me, especially my two lady-in-waiting had told me a lot of stories about Bella. It helped me find closure with her.

Now, without further ado, let me start my story.



My previous fiction is "Anna & her Prince Charming"

This story will be sort of the sequel of that story but it will be written in different style and will include details from previous story so new readers can understand what's going on. There's no need to read the other story to understand this one.