Sickening Feelings

I could never truly hate you,

Only because I can't ever hate anyone anymore,

It was hard forgiving you,

Sometimes it's still hard to forgive you for that sore,

Heh, it seems that's all you were,

Nothing but a sore that became a disease that spread,

Infesting my mind, body, and heart,

Causing me to feel so sick with your voice so misled,

When you finally were gone,

That sickening feeling left me and isn't coming back,

We all have things in life,

All of us have things we miss or things that we lack,

But you're not one of them,

But in a sick way I want to thank you for showing me,

How the whole world is,

How everyone is like a disease or how they seem to be,

You've opened my eyes now,

So now I'll make sure what you did doesn't happen again,

I'll make mistakes in my life,

I'll go down wrong roads, but I won't go where I've already been,

I won't let you cause me infections,

I wish I could stop everything just by showing you all I went through,

Stop your infectious disease and abuse,

But at least I'll know to never trust anyone else that's like you.