1-18-07 Visit

Visits to my world
Are fine on Saturday nights
At the conclusion of sunset
Just when you are able to see the first stars
Peak out from behind those streetlights
That is, if you can find the entrance in the first place

You will notice that
There will be a slight change
In weather, season, and time of day
That the sun doesn't glare
And that trees seem to sprout flowers while shedding leaves
Don't worry, it's natural

Be aware that
Every action you make
Every breath you take
Will be calculated and judged
To determine who you are
But please, do be yourself

There will be plenty of walks
Along cobble stone paths
Paved through fields and over creeks
Feel free to express yourself
If I do not talk, it is merely because
I am far more captivated by your words

Bring a memory from home
Store it in your pocket
And do not lay your eyes on it until you leave
Memories trigger thoughts
It's the only available way out
I wouldn't want you to get lost

Sing a tune sometime
One that is dear to your heart
There's no need to memorize stanzas
Just speak the melody
When courage comes, I'll sing along
I promise I won't damage your ears

Occasionally we may play a puzzle
No confusing labyrinths or impossible riddles
Just one to focus the mind
It will guide you through your troubles when no answers wish to appear
If you need help, I'll offer a hint
But please understand the decision remains yours

If you should tire, I can offer you rest
Heal visible and invisible wounds
No matter their depth or stubbornness
Though I must warn you of weakness
Do not rely on the unseen talents
They may render you soft

When you find that you must leave
Take the exit from hence you came
Knock thrice, two beats accompanied by one pulse
You may look back once, to savor the sight
But do not tarry long or the world will vanish
I may meet you again on the next welcome visit