Fairy Tale Love

Do you believe in true love?
Of knights carrying swords of steel
Crafted by a starving witch hag's
Accursed wisdom
Then dipped in holy water
And blessed by God's grateful kiss
Only to be carried off to rescue
One crying pretty damsel
Locked away in the highest chamber
Of the darkest castle
Guarded by a wall of invincible thorns
Grown by a powerful sorceress
Who never knew the intangible feeling
Of another person's heart
And lightning flashes all around
Casting ominous shadows
That playfully take on the shape
Of your worst enemy
Despite his fears bold knight rides on
Not caring for the courageous steed
Whose life he gladly forfeits
And at castle's stiff iron gates
He calls out to his foe
Begging once more for an easy release
He's bluntly denied
So he brandishes his almighty sword
And charges through the halls
Takes down his lover's captor
In one mighty lusty sweep
Then bellows his one and only greatest speech
Walks gallantly to her chamber door
To find her dressed in the world's finest silks
Batting long eyelashes hide sky blue eyes
Arms outstretched as knight
Sweeps her off her satin covered feet
So they can live
The one second their eyes
First made contact