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"A Queen and her King"

Jack rested his chin on my shoulder while I sat on his lap. The swing beneath us moved gently back and forth. A light breeze played through my hair. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. A smile crept across my face as Jack kissed my neck. His arms were wrapped around my middle and I couldn't feel safer. I turned to face him and his blue green eyes sparkled in the Spring sunlight. It seemed like the color in his eyes was swirling like the ocean surface.

He smiled warmly at me, "Your eyes alone could keep me here with you forever."

The same could be said to him from me. I smiled largely back at him. I brought my lips to meet his and he squeezed me closer into him.

As we pulled apart, his smile turned into a smirk.

"What are you thinking?" I chided playfully.

"I've got something to ask you," he said.

"Oh do you?"

"Uh-huh, but you have to promise me you'll say yes… because if you don't…"

"Just ask me!"

"Ok ok. Will you go to Prom with me?"

I knew he was going to ask me, but I had no idea when. This was the best time, in one of my favorite places, the old park where we had run into each other before.

"Of course!" I answered.

He smiled and kissed me again. I could never get tired of either of those things.

"I suppose now you have to get a dress huh?" he inquired.

I laughed, "I love dress shopping!"

He laughed along with me.

We stood up from the swing and he immediately grabbed my hand. We walked the path through the trees back out onto the road. He pulled me closer to him; so our shoulders were touching. All be it, it was a little hard to walk like that, but I didn't care. We walked to the front door of my house.

"Are you leaving?" I asked, saddened.

"Don't you have to eat dinner soon?" he said.

"Eat over. Please?"

He smiled his true smile, the one that I could never get enough of, "Alright, if you really want me to."

I pinched him, "Duh!"

"Well, shouldn't we go in?"

"Not yet."

I detached myself from him and flopped down on my front lawn. He soon got the idea and joined me. We lay side by side until I moved my head to rest on his chest. We stared up at the proliferating puffy clouds. They skated across the sky in a slow, leisurely way. I secretly wished to myself that I could be like a cloud, just taking my time, traveling with the wind. Just as the clouds made the bright blue sky that much more beautiful, Jack made my life sparkle with color. He was as you could say, the rainbow promise that God made to Noah.

Amidst my thoughts I heard the front screen door open and shut.

My mom's voice broke through my reverie, "Hope! Time for dinner! Is Jack staying over?"

I lifted my head reluctantly off of Jack, away from his steady beating heart, "Yep!"

"Ok, well hurry up or your food's going to get cold!"

"We're coming…"

I sighed and put my head back down onto Jack. I closed my eyes, not wanting to move.

"Time to go Hope," Jack coaxed.

"Five more minutes," I murmured.

"Come on…"

Jack lifted my head up and slinked out from under me. My head hit the grass and my eyes popped open to look at him. He extended his hands down to me. I grabbed a hold and he pulled me to my feet, bringing me into his arms once again. Of course, knowing Jack, he was going to take full advantage of the situation and kiss me, as he did. We walked into my house and sat down to eat dinner with my parents. My parents had grown a liking to Jack, even though they knew what had happened before, for the most part anyway.

After dinner was over, Jack and I went downstairs to watch a movie. While the movie was playing, we of course were cuddled together. As I was leaning on him, he constantly rubbed my back; always making it known that he was there. When the movie was over, we still sat with each other, contemplating what to do next. It was then that Jack came up with an idea.

"Hey. Let's go back to my house for a bit," he suggested.

I didn't understand why, but went along with his plan.

We exited my house and ambled slowly, hand in hand again, over to his house. When we got there, he told me to wait in his living room. I did as he asked, but remained suspicious. After a few minutes, Jack came out with his hands behind his back. I squinted as I eyed him, a smile creeping onto my face. He sat down next to me on the couch and revealed what he had been hiding. It was an extravagant pearl and diamond necklace.

I gasped, "Oh my God!"

He smiled, "Like it?"

"I love it! That must have cost you a fortune!"

"Actually it cost me nothing. It was my grandmother's and then she gave it to my mom. Normally it would pass to a girl in the family, but she thought you deserved it more. She said you deserve to look like a queen, even though I told her you already do."

I blushed furiously, unable to say anything.

"Will you wear it for prom?" he asked.

"Absolutely!" I answered.

"Oh. I almost forgot…"

He left the room again and came back with a pair of earrings and a bracelet to match the necklace.

"That way you have a complete ensemble," he concluded.

I leaned over and kissed his cheek.

While we were there, we watched yet another movie. This time when that movie was done, he walked me home for the night. As we arrived at my house again, I didn't want him to leave. I wanted him to come in and stay until I fell asleep. He and I both knew he couldn't though. My parents would never allow it. With that, I kissed him good night and got ready for bed. When I got into my bedroom, a knock came from the window. I smiled to myself. Just as planned. I pushed back the glass pane and Jack stepped through the broken screen. I climbed under my covers and he joined me. He lay on his back and I snuggled up against his side with my head on his chest, just like we had been outside. He stoked my hair, slipping it through his fingers. I wanted to say "I love you" to him, but I knew he already knew that and I was sure that he loved me. In fact, I know he does. He doesn't say it much as those exact words, but in everything he does.

The day of Prom came. I had my dress on along with Larisa and the rest of our friends. My dress was a floor length, red, slim dress. It was a halter that wrapped around my neck and under my arms. The back cut low and cascaded downward. I had on silver high heeled shoes that matched the jewelry that Jack had given me. I had my hair in big curls, with the front pinned back to keep it out of my face. My friends were in shock when I came out of Larisa's bedroom dressed as I was. Larisa had the good sense of doing my make-up because Lord knows I have no make-up sense. After the finishing touches, the boys arrived.

They all came through the front door; Jack being the last one in. He was dressed in a classic prom tuxedo, all black, red cummerbund, and a silver tie. He looked so glorious and handsome; I got a little dizzy just looking at him. He had his hair just the way I liked it, in gelled messy spikes.

The ladies and I descended the stairs to meet them and walk outside. Jack escorted me out the door with a hand on my lower back.

As we walked out onto the lawn, he whispered into my ear, "You would make every queen in the world jealous."

I felt myself blushing again as everyone got together for photos.

As we were arranged and rearranged by our parents, I stealthily spoke to Jack, "Well if you're not careful, you're going to have your own fan club, my King."

I laughed as I saw him try to not look embarrassed. After a picture was snapped, he scowled playfully at me and it made me laugh even harder. By this time, everyone wanted to know what I was laughing about, but for Jack's sake, I didn't tell what I had said.

When the photos were at last done, we got into our cars and headed to a surprise restaurant that the guys had picked out. It was downtown St. Paul; a little unknown place. It was more on the expensive side, but Jack assured me it was fine. Part way through our meal, a small jazz band started playing. My eyes flashed to Jack and he smiled sheepishly at me. Before I could make any comment on the band, he rose from his seat and asked me to dance. In front of all the other people in the restaurant? I shook my head at him. No way. He extended his hand to me, insisting. He gave me a pleading look; not to leave him hanging. I sighed and took his hand. We walked out onto the small wooden dance floor and he held me close. It was a slow song and we flowed across the floor as smoothly as we could; just like the clouds glided across the sky. I soon forgot that other people were watching us and all I could see was him.

After dinner, we all went to the River Centre; were the dance was being held. We arrived slightly after it had started, but it didn't matter. Jack and I agreed not to get photos taken because we both thought the back round looked cheesy. Besides, we had such a nice day outdoors for pictures. They were bound to turn out great.

When we got into the banquet room where the dance was officially being held, the guys took off their jackets and the girls slipped off our shoes. High heels were in no way good to dance in. Now that we were here, it was me dragging Jack onto the dance floor. I never saw him as a shy guy in any form, but for some reason, he didn't want to dance. I made him though. He would tell you afterward that it was fun. We danced all night, only taking breaks to cool down. The slow dances were the best part though. It was just the way he held me, so gently, so respectfully. Even though we were both sweating profusely, there still lingered the smallest amount of cologne on him. It was just enough to make me relax even more, if that was possible.

Just as soon as the night had started, it ended with one last slow song. Jack and I, along with the others, gathered our things and followed all the other attendees outside. On our way out, every guy was given a rose to give to his date. Jack presented his to me, by transferring it from his mouth to mine with a kiss. Thank God they had taken the thorns off!

There was a park just outside of the River Centre. All the trees were strung with white Christmas lights. They twinkled in the clear night sky. I shivered a little as we walked through the park. Jack slung his coat over my shoulders and kept one arm around my shoulders. We found a bench and sat down. No words were exchanged between us, but none needed to be. The city lay before us, the skyscrapers towering into the night; their lights creating the perfect skyline. As I stared at the sight, Jack leaned over, kissing my cheek. We sat there for who knows how much longer for I had gotten lost in my thoughts.

I thanked God that he let me see the light and guided my Saint to me; my knight in shining armor. I didn't know what was going to happen after school was done and after summer was over when we would go our separate ways. It didn't bother me though, for I knew that no matter how far he was from me, I would still have him. The last few weeks had been perfect. Jack had been keeping control of his alcoholic urges, not breaking his promise to me again. The doctor said that he was healing very well. After the day I told him that I loved him, we talked for hours. We mended what had been broken and laid a steady path before our feet. All the while, Jack stayed true to me. He was always there. I never understood why he would sacrifice so much for me, now and at the first party when he had saved me. However, all my doubts vanished away as soon as I gazed into his blue green irises. I did it all for you; because I love you, they seemed to say. He would never know why every time our eyes locked, I couldn't help, but smile. I could only hope that my eyes said the same to him. By the shy smile that spread across his face, I could tell they did.

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