A/N COMPLETLY UNEDITED! i want to enter it in my skl's poetry compotition but i dunno, i used a canadian poets format and it took 15 mins. Please R&R and tell me what i could do! xx


Life is like Religion

It bends and twists to your own ideals

Leaving you with choice and relevance

From Canada to Russia, Lapland

Where Dr Jean experiments with miracles

Religion like life is structured, rigid and non-changing

Leaving you with no choice

But to follow and endless rule

Degraded like fish water

We could all walk on water

Without the icy glaciers as pavements,

As Tsunami's wash over head

Crashing along the lonely shores

"Evaporate Tall Person"

Pushing young children closer

Dr Jean healed a blind man

With laser eye surgery to show how

Life is religion. As committed to

His work as an orang-utan is to swinging.

Amavero. Dr Jean once wrote

A book on love and love's religion.

Life is like religion you see and so when

Tsunami's rage, destroying life's own peaceful shores

It leaves you sodden and damp, and maybe even lonely

Like life and life's religion