Chapter Seven:

Embarrassingly I went to the principal's to ask for a schedule on Monday. I had no idea what classes this kid took. When he handed me a piece of paper full of Advanced Placement classes, I wanted to shoot myself.

"AP Chem and Physics back-to-back?" I complained as I walked towards the science laboratory. Not only were they back-to-back, but they were also at eight in the morning. This kid must have been some sort of freak. Before I walked into the classroom, I noticed my reflection in the glass door. A half smile came across my face. At least the kid wasn't so bad looking. I was able to make him look presentable.

I sat in the back row. All of the students, who were in the classroom, I did not know a single one. I wrinkled my eyebrows. Taking out a notebook, I began to doodle my name in a bubbly sort of fashion.

The teacher walked in and began to lecture about something involving combustion or something, but I really had no idea what was going on. People in the class were abnormally engaged, as two kids began to argue about if Potassium or Magnesium was more reactive to other elements or something. I seriously had never felt so confused in my life. I felt like popping ten pills of Advil in order to knock myself into a comatose state.

Sitting in the same exact seat after the bell rang, I saw another set of students and another teacher comes in to teach me Physics. This time the teacher was ranting about g-forces, which apparently were in rollarcoasters because today, apparently, we were building mini roller coasters. The teacher told us to get with our spouses. Spouses?

I went up to him to ask what the hell a spouse was.

"You know in the beginning of the year you chose a spouse!" He said in an excited voice. He was short, stout, balding, and unfortunate looking. I rolled my eyes.


"Your spouse is your partner for all projects. Do you have a complaint about your spouse?"

"I don't know who my spouse is!"

"That's silly, Blake, we've been in class for two months,"

Everyone else seemed to be in pairs and I appeared to be solo.

"Well it seems mine isn't here,"

He looked at the attendance sheet and then at me, "I guess he isn't,"

"So then I shouldn't have to do the project. Obviously, it takes two to build a rollercoaster out of Kennex," I smiled, hoping my charm would work.

"Blake, you know the policy in the class: apart of being married is picking up your spouses slack. You should do the project and then submit the results to your partner,"

Apparently Blake, me, whatever, wasn't good looking enough to get out of this. I wanted to rub my arms or my chest or some body part which would have brought someone's attention to it, but this kid exactly wasn't built. He was not fat, as in he was pretty thin, but it was not like anyone really found lanky arms attractive. I sighed.

"Are you serious?"

"Unless you want to fail,"

This guy really never accepted no as an answer. With such ambition, it sucks for him that he turned out to be a high school science teacher.

"Fine, I'll build a rollercoaster,"

I looked up at the clock. The class was a two hour lab session and only thirty minutes had passed. According to the piece of paper he gave to me on the project, the rollercoaster had to be completed today and tested in order for us to analyze data by next class. The concepts in which he wanted us to test were like Arabic to me. I grabbed a bin full of Kennex and went to an empty table. I bit my lip. This Blake kid was so screwed.

I dumped the entire bin onto the table, which was a big mistake because it overflowed and a good amount of pieces just fell on the floor. People were already on their way to building a ramp. Perhaps all I had to do was build a ramp and a loop? What else was there to rollarcoasters? I didn't do amusement parks. They were stupid and childish.

After snapping four green straight pieces together, I felt like my fingers were going numb.

"Teacher," I called out. I had no idea what his name was.


"Can you work with me?" I said in a desperate, almost flirtatious, voice.

"You know there are no affairs in a marriage," He responded. He went back to typing furiously on the computer. I rolled my eyes. What the hell was with this cook and this stupid marriage concept? I was going to kill my stupid husband or wife or mistress or whatever the hell I was supposed to call the dude.

Thirty minutes later, I constructed a very small ramp. It was like a triangle, or a slice of cake, but it was cut in half. I placed it on the table. When I looked at my, Blake's, peers, I noticed that all of their ramps were a lot narrower. I cursed under my breath.

"How do you build a loop," I whispered to myself. This was getting so tiresome. I took a seat on one of the stools and placed my head on both palms of my hand. I tapped my fingers against my jaw. If I connected four of the curved pieces together, then I would have gotten a circle, but that circle needed to connect with my ramp. Maybe I needed a straight path between the ramp and the loop in order to make the transition? Dammit, Aiden, why the hell were you even thinking about this? I should have just stormed out of this stupid room at eight A.M. to look for me, or Blake, or whoever the hell is occupying my body so I can get back into my pretty self. I did not like this stupid shit. All of this thinking hurt my brain. It felt worse than a hangover after doing repeated keg stands.

"Blake, don't slack," the teacher said to me.

"I'm not. I'm thinking,"

"You know physics is all about trial and error. You should never be thinking. You should be doing to see if your educated guess or hypothesis can be proven correct,"

"Fine," I spat out. I got up from my stupid stool and grabbed a hand load of these stupid Kennex.

The loop I constructed looked like a piece of shit and my hand was able to fit in it, which I concluded was big enough. There was only fifteen minutes left, and luckily, that was when the teacher told us to stop.

He went over to the whiteboard to begin writing random equations down.

"I want you all to grab a motion detector for next class and a car and do the following: you will need to measure the weight of the car, and if you want to put any additional weight on the car, then you can. After that, use the motion detector to calculate the velocity and acceleration during the beginning, middle, and end phases. You must calculate the forces that are acting upon the forces, especially when it is in the climax of the hoop and you must apply all of these forces in relation to Newton's Laws of Gravity. Okay?"

My only response: Aiden, you were good at trial and error with people, not objects. Everyone understood but me. We all put the pieces to our rollercoaster in the closet where next time apparently they can all be finished and tested! Hoorah!

Before I left the room, the teacher asked me to stay.

"Blake, it turns out your partner has the flu so he won't be in for the next two weeks, but you're a smart kid so I think you can handle doing this alone," he said with the most snide look on his face. He wanted me to fail, didn't he? Actually, I wasn't going to fail, Blake was.

This kid seriously only had one free during the day and that was for lunch. Did this kid even have friends? No one went up to me throughout the entire day to say "hello" or "how are you" or "have you seen daylight yet or are you too busy building rollercoasters?"

It was during this lunch period where I saw me. Me as in my body. Aiden. At least my body was still fully functional? Damn, what the hell was I wearing? The shit this guy or-this was too awkward-was wearing-was-uh-was like shit I wore in tenth grade.

"Aiden," I practically yelled, but I did not want people to notice a dork like me trying to talk to a hottie like him. There was no response. There had to be a soul or a conscience or something in there. Like, my body cannot just be floating around or could it? Aiden, you were being retarded.

"Aiden!" I yelled.

Aiden turned around. Well, my body turned around. Describing this was totally weird.

His response was, "Me?"

I motioned for him to follow me outside to the parking lot. We both stepped outside.

"First off," I began, "What are you wearing?"

"Stop being stupid," he waved his arms frantically. I would have never been caught dead doing such a preposterous hand motion. "Are you Aiden?" He asked.

"Yes, are you Blake?"


"Okay, now, what are you wearing?"

"It was the only thing in your closet I liked,"

"It looks like a straight jacket as in it barely even fits. I know I have-had-have, whatever," I shook my head and then continued with, "a good body and all but you do not have to exploit it," I ranted.

"Wow, I knew you were vain. I could tell by your room. Abercrombie posters everywhere," He smirked.

"At least I'm not neurotic with cleaning," I snorted.

"At least I'm not neurotic with having half naked men and woman all over my wall,"

"It's better than having a Purel container on every countertop," I crossed my arms.

"Besides, I should be pissed. You cut off practically all of my hair!"

"Because it is ugly," I started, "You should be thanking me. I'm trying to make you look presentable. You do not know how sore I am from doing so many push ups and sit ups last night,"

I was surprised no one, who was lurking around, was listening in our conversation. Someone like me, as in Aiden, would never be seen around someone like him, as in Blake. Plus, we kept talking to each other in a harsh manner. People always liked to witness arguments. At least I did.

He sent me a glare. I responded, "Don't wrinkle my forehead. That's how you get premature wrinkles,"

He exhaled a large breath made another large gesture with his arms and walked a few inches away, not even looking at me, "You are so unbelievable!"

I laughed, "You wouldn't know,"

Rolling his eyes at my comment, he responded, "We need to fix this. I don't want you butchering my life or body anymore,"

"Hey at least you got the silver spoon side of the stick while I got stuck with the pure-rust one," I muttered under my breath.


"Nothing. Fine. Come to my," I pointed to myself, but I meant like my, so I pointed to him, "house after school,"

"Sounds good. There is no logical explanation for this that science cannot fix,"

I muttered, "Don't even talk to me about science right now,"