Come and you will be loved
All is forgiven and warm here

No judgment
No pain
No hurt
No suffering

All is ensconced in beauty
And shimmering love overflows
Tears are filled with joy
And leave trails of happy disbelief

Breathe in and you will be filled with passion
Breathe out and the air will be filled with laughter

All is peaceful here
No one needs to understand
All is well here

And the world is filled with light



Far away

Waving my arms so far away
Screaming at the top of my lungs
Ignored by the world
A man aflame
Seen out of the corner of your eye

Is the greater, shining purpose of love
To build a tiny shelter for ourselves in it
To keep out the grasping, choking, painful air
That the world churns out every day?

When the world is a great, raging forge
And we must break ourselves down
And be remade stronger
Melted like steel and reformed
What place has love here?

Be the creed of love nothing more than acceptance?
Acceptance of a world so immersed in pain
That it finds itself drowning in its own blood?
Then what reason have we to strive,
To forge ourselves anew?

Then this love is
Air in my lungs
Allowing me to carry on
I struggle with a bruised mind
And burdened limbs

True love does not hide us away from the world
Pretending that rain will now come again

It is what allows our steel to cool
So that when we are placed in the fire again
We have known respite from those fires

It does not preserve our flaws
It accepts them and gives us strength
Strength to overcome them

The joy of this love is more than enough
To blind us to its greater purpose

Which is to overcome the embers left inside
To cool them or cast them out
Enough so that we no longer burn those around us

So be very careful,
You who have found love,
That you do not let it cool your soul overmuch
Lest the next time the fires come for you
That you shatter in their heat

Love is not isolation from the world
It is the strength to overcome it