The headphones were in their place

And the music was crushing at first, but

Slowly it fit it, not a vice, but a blanket

Warm from the dryer.

Lyrics leaked into his ears

They were singing the way he felt

That moment, the way

He's felt his entire life.

How could he never have heard this before?

He was hearing things

Real things, more real than anything

From a textbook.

It was still rolling over

And over his nerves,

And he could no longer resist the urge

To sing along.

Because it was that SOUND!

More important than

Math or science, it was about

More than words say.

The tones were better than any poem,

Any drug, and he knew

All he needed was this song,

This beat, this life.

He wanted to share this fact,

He wanted to tell them all

That life is not that hard

If you just listened closely.

He turned it up

And he had to close his eyes as he trembled.

Sound twisted through him

And he shook with relief.

The taste was sweet and the music full blast.

He felt a little like he may lose

His mind, lose himself

In vibrations.

But even if he lost it, he wouldn't mind.

He never really needed to be sane

In the first place.

So why not let go?