Epiphany Rainbow

Mandarin oranges on a crescent shaped moon
Blueberry morning on a hazy afternoon
Apple pies with black and white nuns
Children who laugh at Saturday morning puns
Books that speak
And people who lie
Everyone's a poet
Let me teach you how to fly
Deaf dumb and comfortably, surreal
I shall service you with one last appeal

These veins of solitude on wicker daffodils
Will never hold justice in times of indifference
Refusal is infinite
Tomorrow is forever
Crimson stardust in a foggy November
No one feeds the ducks on Tuesdays anymore
The dogs bark early and the bread grows bear

Age old ale on African drum sticks
Mahogany chap-stick for rusty tin-men
Little children with big hopes
Big adults with tiny floats
The glue that holds macaroni on plates
Is worth a fortune on heaven's gates

Busy bees and pre-school fables
Go down in the valley of silicon jello
Monetary feats on the depression curve
Shoot for the stars in electric cars
The environmentally insane
Who carry cases of nuts
Lead us to salvation in brass-clad huts

Sharp gray descending
Through evergreen shadows
The windows are open
But the drapes closed tight
I can see through them
Streamed-lined through the night

Afterthoughts of aftershave
Smooth as a baby's behind
The stubble is gone, yet I am still here
I think it's about to rain
Kaleidoscopes and candy-bars
With tinker toy parades
Sun shines strong on my epiphany rainbow
As raven's feast on joy

Destiny calls on billowed sails
Submerged in iron where praying fails
We'll walk on water and fall through the cracks
Swim through the shadows and die on our backs
Lavender beanstalks reach mountain-tops
Where seeds of jubilation
Sprout from imagination
I am ready to fall