"Mika! Come out of there!"

"Hah, how did you manage to find me this time, Lasira?"

My name's Mika. I'm a boy, 19 years of age with blackish brown hair that stretched to the top of my upper lip. Lasira is my older sister. She's 23 and has short light brown hair. She wears the same type of clothes as me, dark brownish rags.

We live in the village of Joinne, a tiny village near the city of Valeven. Because Joinne is sealed off and there are no visitors are ever allowed in, it's not known by many people other that those who live here.

Lasira continued, "I have my ways, now come on let's go, we're going to miss the festival if-"

I quickly cut her off, "Don't worry. Go on ahead, I'll be right there, promise."

"I don't trust your promises! Remember what happened last time? Last year you tried to make the festival better by releasing the town chickens! Who knows what awaits us this year."

"I know, I know. But this time it's different. You'll see."

"Okay, I'll trust you this time, but don't let me down"

And with that, she walked away in a way that says "I'm watching you…," glancing back at me only for a short moment before getting lost in the crowds of people.

This year's festival was the same as it's always been – people walking in a parade, doing a bunch of random things as they walked, and at the end, mayor Domo carried this small gem and placed it into a socket in the center of a statue in the middle of the town. Sounds boring, right? That's what I say, but people always come back with "this is a sacred festival" or something stupid like that.

This year I'm going to make it a little different. I made a little trip to the city and with me I brought the world famous magician, Rut. When I told him about the festival I expected to have to pay for his services, but somehow he said he would do it for free, lucky me. He seemed very interested, too, so I was expecting a great show. I couldn't wait to see everyone's faces.

Rut said he was preparing his act near the end, so I should try to enjoy myself. I couldn't help but be exited for what only I knew was happening. I lived right by the north gates so I'd be able to see the parade from start to finish. I made some last minute preparations and picked up my wooden sword. I swung it around a bit in my house and quickly noticed I was bored, and slightly thirsty from all the swinging around. So I got my shoes on and darted out the door, towards the north gates.

I had a few coins in my pocket, five I think, just enough for a cool drink. I went to the nearby shop, but there was no shop keep. As I looked around I noticed that there was nobody around. I wondered what was going on. I went down to the square, but no one was around. It was a ghost town.

"Wasn't there a huge crowd of people here not too long ago?" I wondered, when I remembered, "Larisa!"

I ran through the vacant streets looking for Larisa, she would know what was going on. I must've been looking for forty minutes already. I was very tired and I was starting to panic.

"Where haven't I looked yet?" I thought to myself. "The parade's end spot near the other gates!"

I ran there as fast as I could but it still took me over ten minutes. When I was near I could hear some kind of commotion going on, but the closer I got, the more the noise seemed to settle down or fade away. When I turned that last corner and got a decent look at what was going on, my body froze. People were lying on the ground, dead. I quickly regained control and forced myself to keep moving and find out what happened.

The closer I got to the gates, the more people were on the ground. The gate was fully opened and that seemed like the only place to go, so I continued on, searching for my sister, hoping she wasn't one among these bodies.

"Larisa!" I cried. "Larisa!"

When I got outside the gates I couldn't believe what I saw. Rut the magician stood at the end of the bloodshed, eyes closed with a pleased smile on his face. In his hand was the hazel stone carried through the parade, and it was glowing.

I wanted to scream but my body wouldn't let me.

He looked up and opened his eyes. They shone a marvelous brown color. He held up the stone and a hazel colored mist surrounded his hand, then it spread until it covered his entire body. He then let out a yell and the mist vanished, along with him. I heard a voice calling me from nearby. It sounded so familiar. Larisa!

She leaned up against the nearby gate covered in blood. I ran to her and noticed her left eye was bloody and closed.

"What happened?" I cried...but it was too late. Lasira, my sister, was dead.