The Star Saga: A Wished Fate

Vol. 1, Chapter 2

The Demon Ryo

Ryo walked to the very end of the narrow alley. At the end of small path dividing two lost-cost apartments, there was more graffiti— or at least that was what it looked like. A painted seal was the only thing marring the red brick, a round circle covered with odd symbols and a hidden meaning.

Ryo put his hand in the centre of the circle, there was a black hand print that almost matched his perfectly. He checked behind him for a moment and then started chanting words. He kept his hand rooted to the print and closed his eyes, chanting still. The unknown words became stronger and the brick and paint seal opened into a white portal. The boy stepped back, checked over his shoulder again and then walked through the white portal. It closed up behind him, and the painted seal was gone too.

Ryo emerged on the other side in a world of darkness. He closed his eyes and relaxed, knowing he had to concentrate on what he was to do. He walked an invisible path in the darkness, a trick of the demons to stop any intruders. If his attention left his walking for even a second, the path would break he would be plunged into the darkness below. Flashes of light lit up his surrounding occasionally, like coloured lightning, meaning to distract intruders, but he had walked this path so many times he wasn't bothered by them.

Soon he came to a white door, seeming to float in the middle of the path. He was relieved, as soon as he crossed through the door, he would be able to walk normally and not worry about the consequences of getting distracted. He smiled when he reached the door and put his hand on the silver handle.

"RYO!" A squeal erupted in the darkness and something white and fluffy shot out from behind the door and latched onto his face.

"Ah! Ressu!" Ryo screamed and then gasped as the firmness of the invisible path disappeared and he fell into the darkness below.

The white thing buzzed around, having been batted off when Ryo jumped and lost his concentration. He looked like a small white cloud with big black eyes and small hands and feet that matched his fluffy body. "Oops..." he whispered, bobbing up and down by the door. "Ry-o!" He screamed down below.

A minute passed, and then Ryo emerged out from the blackness, but he did not look like himself. He had huge black demon wings, with a long whip-like tail to match. His is platinum hair had been mixed with red streaks and his nails were now terrifying claws. "Ressu." He said, shaking his head.

Ressu's eyes grew bigger and he clung to Ryo's face again. "I'm sorry, I forgot not to distract you." He said in his high pitched voice.

Ryo plucked the creature off his face for a second time and flew through the door frame. "It's fine." He said quietly, though his demon heart was still pounding. He shook himself and then closed the door. Ryo was lucky his transformed self had wings, or he'd still be falling in that abyss.

The pair was now in a demon city of the Other World. It was cramped and dirty, just like any other human city and at the center of it was a huge round building. Ryo started to make his way towards it while waving a people he recognized. Many people knew him, wether it was because of he being the youngest demon assigned to help the Seekers or if it was because of the controversy of his deranged younger brother; everyone knew his face.

"You haven't visited in so long." Ressu said, flying along side him. His fly was more like a bobbing float though, he had no wings.

Ryo nodded, walking towards the big round building and not flying only to delay his meeting with the Queen. "Yeah, sorry about that, Ressu. I've been really busy lately with the Seeker's birthday and all." Ressu was more like his friend than a pet, a little companion.

"Oh." Ressu buzzed along.

Ryo sighed. He wished that he didn't have to do this, he wanted Izumi to live a normal, peaceful life, but that would not happen. She had been chosen, and he couldn't dispute her fate, only help her certain troubles. He would meet with the Queen to try to delay her fate from beginning, but he doubted she would listen.

Sooner than he would have liked, he found himself at the guarded front doors of the buildings. The two guards, also demons bowed to him and let him in without questioning. Ryo was relieved that this went well for him at least, usually they would question him about his brother or his intent on entering. That must mean that the Queen was—

"I've been expecting you, Ryo."

Ryo looked up from the graceful marble floor. Standing in front of him was the Queen, a old female demon in a long gown. He bowed his head and Ressu fluttered to the floor. "My Queen." He said in respect.

"We haven't spoken in a while." She said.

Ryo looked back up. "Yes, my apologies, your Highness."

The Queen waved her hand. "No matter." She said. "Now," She continued as she lead him to a sitting room. "I'm sure you've come in interest of the Seeker?"

Ryo nodded.

"Then you know her dreams have begun?"

"I thought they might have." Ryo said. "I wanted to request more time."

The Queen laughed. "But yesterday marked her final wishing day. It's been seven years, Ryo. There is no more time for me to give you."

"But—!" Ryo protested.

The Queen shook her head. "I think you've grown too attached to this, Izumi."

Ryo looked down, Ressu looked up at him from the floor, blinking his huge eyes. 'She has become my friend, yes." Ryo started.

"Ryo, you've helped seekers before, why should this one be any different?"

Ryo didn't know what to say.

"The dreams will continue as planned, Ryo." The Queen said firmly. "Be ready."

Ryo nodded and slowly left the building with Ressu bobbing at his side. 'I hope she's ready for it.' He thought. 'For her sake.'

Ryo walked out of the swirling white portal and turned to send it away. He looked like his normal human self again, though more distraught than the last time that world had seen him. Suddenly Ressu came flying through, squealing and stuck to Ryo's face, clinging on with his little mitten-like hands and feet.

Ryo gasped and fell down. He pulled Ressu off and stared at the little thing. "Ressu, you can't come with me."

Ressu blinked at Ryo. "Wow. You looked different in the human world."

Ryo sighed and rolled his eyes. "Well, I can't walk down the street looking the way I usually do." he replied. "That's why you can't come here. You look... abnormal."

Ressu made a small whimpering sound and his eyes got huge. He stared a him and started to cry, huge streams landing in puddles on the dirty pavement.

Ryo grabbed the little thing and pressed it against his chest, muffling the high pitched wailing. "You can come." he whispered finally. "Just don't move until we get out of the streets. You'll have to pretend you're a stuffed toy or something."

Ressu looked up at Ryo, sniffling. "Stuffed toy?"

"Toys that human young carry around." Ryo explained quickly. "You just can't move until I say ok?"

Ressu agreed and sat on Ryo's head as he closed up the portal again. Ryo held him tightly in his arms as he walked back to his lonely apartment building a few blocks away. That was another thing Ryo had never told Izumi, he didn't have parents. The Council had made arrangements for him. Ryo could never figure out how they did it, but they made sure every lie he told Izumi was actually the truth. Also, Ryo was immune to any human diseases or sicknesses, because he was a demon, so he made that excuse— that he was sick, which he wasn't— to get away to the Other World.

Ryo let Ressu go once he was inside of the elevator.

Ressu buzzed around, luckily it was empty except for them. "Wow Ryo, do you live in here?" He asked.

Ryo laughed. "No." He pressed the button for the sixth floor and watched with surprise as the elevator took off upwards, Ressu was pulled to the floor because he was so light.

Ressu cried in surprise, but soon gravity let him go again. Ryo peeled him off the carpeted floor and walked out of the elevator, the creature still whimpering. "Its ok Ressu, sorry, I didn't think that would happen." The demon in disguise tried not to laugh. Ryo tried to comfort Ressu as best as he could and took out his key out of his pocket, they jingled as he opened the door.

The delightful sound sidetracked Ressu enough to forget his terrifying experience in the elevator. The white creature snatched the keys and buzzed into the apartment, twirling them around. "Jingly, jingly, jingly!" He squealed.

Ryo laughed, shut the door and got into his homework. He had to at least try to pass some classes. He sighed and opened his textbook. "I hate math." He said.

"Math?" Ressu asked.

Ryo nodded. "Yeah, some pointless thing humans are expected to learn. I mean, how much of this will they really use?!"

Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Ryo stood and shooed Ressu down the hall. "Hide until I say you can come out." He whispered and then opened the door. It was Izumi, changed out of her school uniform in jeans and a light sweater with a heart sewn on the front. "Hey Izumi." Ryo said, with a smile.

Izumi smiled back. "Hi. I was wondering if you got the math homework."

Ryo shrugged. "I'm trying it right now."

Izumi nodded. "I can't get many of the questions. Mind if I hang out? Maybe we can get them together." She said.

Ryo nodded and let her in. "Sure. Want supper?"

Izumi nodded, putting her books down. "Wait, what about you parents."

"They're at work." Ryo said, a lie, but he had to. "They won't be home till late, so it's ok. How about some soup?"

Izumi nodded. "Ok." She sighed. "I really want to meet your parents, though."

"You might eventually." Ryo said and that wasn't a lie. He did have parents in the Other world, whom he missed very much, but a mission was a mission— it was just that Izumi had became a friend and wasn't a mission anymore. At least not to Ryo.

They worked for a long time while the soup heated up slowly.

"Mm," Izumi said while she turned the page. "That soup smells really good."

Ryo nodded. "Yeah, just a few more minutes. "Hey did you get question five?"

They weren't the only ones that smelt the soup. Ressu did too and he wanted to taste human food. Izumi and Ryo didn't notice Ressu, the white creature blending in with the white ceiling as he flew into the kitchen.

A few minutes later, Ryo went in to check to soup, he found the lid off. 'What?' he thought, looking into the pot. He gasped and stepped back. "Uh oh." He stared threateningly at Ressu. "What did you do?" he hissed at him.

Ressu's face reminded Ryo of how human's look after they drink too much. His eyes lid drooped and a silly smiled was across his face. Ressu had eaten the entire pot, which was way to much for a creature of his size.

"What's wrong?" Izumi asked, walking in. "I heard you say uh oh. Who are you talking to?"

Ryo quickly put the lid on the pot. "Oh, nothing's wrong!" he replied. "Nope, everything is fine. You don't have to worry, everything's okay."

Izumi looked at him suspiciously. "What are you hiding?"

Ryo leaned all of his weight on the pot lid, trying to keep Ressu from escaping and giving them away. "Nothing!" he said. "I'm not hiding anything."

Izumi put her hands on her hips and stared at him. "I may not be good at math, but I'm not stupid. What are you hiding?" she repeated.

Ryo shook his head. "Nothing! Nothing!"

Izumi walked up to him. "Kay, then I'm sure you won't mind me looking in the pot."

"Uh..."Ryo said. "You can't!"

Izumi struggled to push him out of the way. "Move it, boy. You're hiding something, and I want to know what it is!"

Ryo was usually a lot stronger than Izumi. He was a demon in disguise after all. But trying to stop Izumi and Ressu, he slipped on the floor and took the pot lid with him.

Izumi peeked into the pot.

Ressu sat in the pot his eyes dreamy and he burped. He had swelled from all the food he ingested. He looked at Izumi. "You guys- " he paused to hiccup, then continued. "Have really good food." He hiccuped again then fell asleep, tired after his feast.

Izumi stared at the thing, gasped and fainted.

'Way to go, Ressu.' Ryo thought from his spot on the floor. 'You gave everything away.'

Author's Note:

So there is the end of chapter two. This chapter is a combination of the end of the old chapter 1 and chapter 2, basically the same though. The next chapter will be posted soon. :)

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