The Star Saga: A Wished Fate

Vol. 1, Chapter 6

Pisces II

Izumi's world was black, but she could faintly hear Ryo screaming. She was at the bottom now, the last of her hair escaping in tiny bubbles from her nose.

"Izumi!" Ryo shouted, running from the shore into the water. "Izumi, no i can't loose you too!"

Pisces laughed. "What are you trying to do?"

"I'm going to save Izumi!"

"How can you save someone that's already dead?" She taunted.

"Shut up!" Ryo shouted, now chest deep, looking Pisces in the face. "Go get her!" He knew that this guardian could not harm him, and was becoming bold and rude in his fear.

Pisces swept back further into the water, using her power to splash a wave of water onto the disguised demon. "Careful, even demons can drown." She pointed at him, and then pointed to the sky. "Guess what I'm going to do next."

Ryo didn't reply.

"I'm going to fry up that little tidbit for my pets!" Pisces cackled, and the fins of her twin fish appeared. Lightning crackled in the stormy sky.

Ryo's eyes followed her finger, catching on. He gasped and quickly transformed, his wet wings struggling to get him out of the water. "No, don't!" He begged.

The guardian used her magick to catch a wisp of lightning and send it into the water. She sent it right towards Izumi. Luckily, Pisces was immortal and the punky lightning strike did nothing to her or her beasts.

Izumi woke, screaming with a burning pain all over her body. She felt a sudden urge to live and once the pain faded her body felt renewed. She heard the screaming on the surface. 'Ryo!' Her eyes snapped open, only to be filled with water. But even in the murkiness she could see two huge silhouettes of Pisces' fish circling above her.

Izumi had to move, she had to swim, she had to live. But she felt so weak, and her vision was blurring again. But Ryo's voice inspired her to move on.

"Izumi please, wake up! Please, oh stars bring her back."

'Stars.' Izumi thought.

The nine year old Ryo smiled and patted his friend's back as they looked out the window at the night sky together. "Remember Izumi, if you ever need anything, all you have to do is wish on a star."

"Stars!" Izumi screamed, but it was nothing but a bubble. But it was the middle of the day, there would be no stars out now. Then the light from the sun came streaming from between the clouds. Of course! The sun was a star— she learned that in grade 4!

'Please help me.' Izumi prayed. 'Ryo needs me, help me get my strength back and help me win! I won't fail him!'

Star light, star bright,

First star I see... today?

Wish I may, wish I might

Have this wish I wish today.

Nothing happened.

Izumi's hope faded completely, she pleaded with some unseen force. "Please, I need something to defeat Pisces with! Anything, please I want to make Ryo proud!"

There was a small flash of light in her eyes and all of a sudden she felt energized again. Her body was bursting with a new will to live and she was carried to the surface with some invisible power. Her lungs were filled with fresh air and her eyes saw the surface world again.

Ryo, who was above her, saw his friend and gasped with happiness. "Izumi!" He cried.

"No!" Pisces shouted, catching another wisp of lightning to send into the water.

But Ryo was faster than the guardian and scooped up Izumi from the water and landed on the shore.

Izumi hugged him tightly. "Ryo! The stars brought me back, I did it!"

Ryo hugged her back, but their joy was short lived.

"Cut the reunion!" Pisces yelled. "You might have been lucky this time girlie, but you wont get away again. Come back and fight!"

Izumi's face turned serious. She broke her hug with Ryo and walked closer to the water's edge, despite Ryo's pleas for her to come back. Izumi shut her eyes she could feel a warmth inside her chest that she had never felt before, a very powerful magick energy. There was a sudden burst of light from the sky and in a lightning strike, it came down to the shore. When it faded, Izumi reappeared holding a magnificent sword. The handle was elegant, made of twisted gold with a huge jewel in the center, and the blade was very thin and silver.

Ryo gasped. "The Sword of the Stars! Izumi, do you have any idea of what you've done?!"

But Izumi did not reply, she looked over her shoulder at him for a second, and he noticed that her expression was more serious and determined than he had ever seen it. She was becoming a real Seeker now, a real savior.

"What?!" Pisces cried. "How can this be? The sword!" She growled. "You're not fighting fair anymore, kid!"

Izumi narrowed her eyes. "Are you ready to finish this or what?"

The guardian's confidence weakened, but she put on a tough face. "Sure, get back in the water, kid"

Izumi only took a few steps. She wanted to stay in the shallow water incase the fish were around.

Pisces smiled at her caution. Sword or no sword, she was still a kid and Pisces would not be defeated. She shouted, lunging at her, her webbed hands grabbing onto Izumi's wrists. She fought with the girl until Izumi lost her grip on the sword in the water.

"No!" Izumi shouted, squirming out of Pisces' grip and swimming down into the water.

That was just the opportunity Pisces was looking for. The guardian grabbed Izumi by the shoulders from behind, holding her under the water.

"No, not again!" Ryo shouted, about to fly out to rescue Izumi.

"Stay where you are!" The guardian ordered as she saw his wings outstretch. "If you interfere, she loses!"

Ryo stayed back, wondering how long he could let this go on before he called it off. He had faith in Izumi. "Come on Izumi, fight her!"

Izumi could hear him. She opened her eyes looking for the sword, having to squint in the water. She noticed something glittering in the sand. "There!" Bubbles burst from her mouth. She used all her strength to throw Pisces off of her and elbowed the creature in the gills.

Pisces let go of her, hissing in pain.

Izumi kicked through the murky water, grabbed the sword and resurfaced. She gasped for air and pointed her sword at Pisces, driving the guardian into the shallow water where her fish could not interfere. "Surrender." Izumi ordered, continuing to drive Pisces to the sandy shore.

The frightful mermaid recoiled as far as she could until she was in the sand. She knew that she couldn't fight on land and she wouldn't last long without water to breathe. She sighed and then smiled. She knew it was a good defeat. "Very well."

Izumi was shocked. "Um— really?" She asked, but didn't dare lower her weapon.

Pisces nodded and then started to glow a soft blue. She took a silver ring from her finger, it bore the astrological symbol of Pisces in it. She outstretched her hand, the silver ring in her palm.

Izumi was cautious, looking at Ryo. Was it a trick? But she new it wasn't when Ryo nodded. She smiled and took the ring from the mermaid's hand. "Thank you."

Pisces drifted back to the water with a content smile. The two fish rose up from the water as well. "I am glad that you will be protecting this for me." She said. "Please, help our world and protect us from the evil that threatens the demons." She smiled one last time and then her and her companions disappeared in a swirling wave.

Izumi sighed and plunked down into the sand, exhausted. She looked down at the ring in her hand, unable to believe what just happened.

Ryo came up, hugging her. He had returned to his normal self. "I'm so proud of you." He said, grinning.

Izumi smiled back at him, but then it faded. "Ryo, so I had to fight her so I could protect her?"

"It sounds a bit strange, I know." Ryo agreed with a nod. "But all the guardians want to be sure that the one protecting them is strong. That is why you must face them in battle."

"Oh." Izumi said quietly, and then looked at the sword that laid in the sand.

Ryo followed her eyes. "Oh and that, that's the Sword of the Stars. The Stars only give it to those Seekers that are pure of heart and have a strong will. You should be honored."

Izumi gasped when the sword disappeared into silver sparkles and drifted away.

Ryo laughed. "The Stars watch over the sword. It was forged by demons thousands of years ago to help defend our future. You may only have it when you call upon it." He added lightly. "Besides, I don't think its legal to run around with a sword all the time."

Izumi laughed and hugged him. "Ryo, I can't believe this is all coming true."

"Give it time." He replied. "Izumi?" He whispered, but she didn't reply. She was fast asleep on his shoulder. The disguised demon smiled softly and then looked out the the sky, slowly clearing from the storm.

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