This is my attempt at a romance writing I know it is not very good but constructive criticism will be read. Thanks!

Her skin was like moonlight, milky white and perfect, her was hair was the color red, like the fire the burned deep with-in her heart and her eyes were two green earth like orbs that could look deep in your held her with his strong arms, he would never let go. They look at the beach, the water lapping at the rocks and the salty wind blowing in there faces.
The sun was setting, it made a beautiful glare on the water. Everything was perfect, even if it was only for a brief moment. It would seem like lifetimes for time stood still when they were together.
The sun set and the moon was bight and the sky was littered with stars. They both looked at the moon, there was glowed in its light. They looked at each other with loving eyes and was soon locked in a kiss. There minds became one, ah did there souls and there bodies, they were no longer two humans but one beautiful entity of love, and that love would never break apart