Fallen Angel

Why did you break your promise?

Why did you rip out my heart?

Didn't you know that I once loved you too?

Your betrayal burns me deep inside,

The fuel for the fire within me,

The fire of my anger.

The fire I wish I have not,

For deep within my hate,

I still love you.

Now, I'm just a fallen angel.

I see the angels start to cry,

I see the shadows laughing.

And this happened all because of you.

Heaven took my wings away.

And Love and Betrayal stole away my heart… my soul.

You, my fallen angel,

You stole my heart withought a thought,

And began to love another,

Leaving me lost on the sidelines.

Each touch,

Each caress,

Each sweet word whispered in her ear,

Burned, branded onto my soul.

Withought my heart,

Now unknowingly in your keeping,

I live the life of the living dead.

I feel pain, I feel hate…

But I still feel for you.

So much anger it almost frightens me,

Engulfing me from the inside.

I try to remind myself I still love you,

I want you to be happy,

But all it brings is more conflict deep inside,

Emotions that constantly roil and swirl,

But bring no final conclusion,

No rest.

Don't leave me, don't abandon me.

Don't leave me here to burn,

To burn away from the inside,

Please don't let me fall,

Away from you.

Save me, hold me, love me.

Like I once, and still love you.

A Fallen Angel, I am one now.

A Fallen Angel, I have been forgotten by all.

A Fallen Angel, I am burning in the maelstrom of my confusion,

I do not want to feel hate for you anymore,

I still care for you.

Love me,

Save me from my hate,

Before it consumes me.

Come back to me,

Come and give me back,

What you have unknowingly stolen from me,

My heart.

Tell me this is just a dream,

Tell me that I'm still alive.

Tell me that you love me….

Let me tell you that I still love you.

My fallen angel.