What is it?

Is it happy?

Is it sad?

Can you earn it?

Or does it just happen?

A feeling.

Simply unexplainable.

Is it temporary?

Or forever?

Do both need to agree?


Is it like a ferris wheel?

You go up and up

Until you're on top of the world.

But then you fall

And you're back where you started.

Is it like a pet?

Do you need to feed it

To keep it alive?


Will it destroy?

Could it be faked?

Can it bring tears?

Will it be changed?

Could it be

With more than one?

Just take advantage

Until you're done.


Could it be safe

To try again?

Or is it risky?

What then?

Is it unsure

Of it's own being?

Are we all

Just make believing?


I know now

One thing for sure,

That I know nothing

About this world.

And as for love,

Who is to say?

Three words ring

Over and over again…

I Love you.