A wild heartbeat thrums
Within all hearing ears...
Feet twitch and muscles tense
But still no mortal nears.

Wild eyes look out
To the frozen statues' stares
Living they might call themselves
But freedom is not there.

Drumming drumming in the blood
Lightning in the veins
Wild are the Fae this night
Dancing down the lanes.

Blind so many mortals
To the wonders of the Eve
Yet here I am reaching out
Begging 'do not leave'.

Tis there when the wind blows
That people start to hear
The music of the Wild Fae
Ringing in their ears.

Instead of wonder in their hearts
They think it is their minds
Drawing up illusions
Or perhaps the wind has sighed

How deaf are the souls
That I can see are dying
When they refuse to grasp at life
Their hearts are truly lying

I beg of those that listen
To these words straight my heart
Do not kill the dancing Fae
Do not drive us apart.

Remember though you're older
You're still a human soul
And all those souls on this world
Need magic to truly grow

Remember how the world still has
A bit of mystery
Chastise not the little child that
Speaks to their fairies.

Embrace the morning sun with joy
Embrace the evening star
Remember mortal souls
Exactly who you are.