You were crying when I left.

You asked to come with me,

even though you knew you couldn't.

Why did I matter so much to you?

You tried so hard to beat me,

even though you knew it'd be hard.

You were so close too.

I could have lost...

or I could have killed you.

But I didn't, I just left.

Why did you fight so hard for me?

Why do you chase me so much?

Do you want me back that bad?

No one else is looking for me,

only you.

We were friends,

but that was a long time ago.

It's different now.

Things have changed,

yet you still look for me.


Don't you get it?

This is the only way.

The only way I'll be able to defeat...


This is my choice,

so don't interfere.

Just let me be.

If you get in my way,

then I'll kill you.

You know that,

but you keep comming.


You hold on to me,

no matter how hard I pull away.

Why won't you let me go?

I've decided to leave,

so let me!

I've been trying to destroy the bonds that used to tie us together,

but you won't break them.

You won't let me go.


Your words haunt me.

They won't leave me alone.

Everytime I try to push them away,

they come back stronger.

I've fallen to the darkness,

yet you keep trying to bring me back.

You try so hard for me.

Don't you know I don't care?

I don't want to be brought back!

Let me sink into my hated,

and be swollowed by it.

Why do you try to lift me back up?


Stop trying to bring me back up!

Stop pulling so hard!

I don't want the old life I had,

so leave me alone!

Let me go too deep,

and stay there.

Let me drop below the surface.

Just let me fall.