OK with this poem their is some background to it. Last year at my school me and my friends had this spot by most of our lockers that we liked to sit at. We sat their all year every lunch hour every school day every month and so on and so on. The teachers noticed it and always asked, well what are you going to do next year? to which we replied we'd take it from the grade nine of those years to have it. This poem is about that spot.

Three Years Hence.

It's amazing how time

Can change a thought.

For example four months past

Me and my friends swore,

At the end of the year,

That our sitting spot

Was ours for three years hence,

But summer came,

And summer went,

Our magical spot

Has lost it's magic

It's of no important thought to us.

But to others in that magical year

Who claim it for

Three years hence.

And their it is. If you don't understand that's ok. Please review.

Rebellion Author.