The Fallen Fairy Tale


Alone in north tower,
a thin silhouette.
Bound there by her prince,
the princess sits and dreams.

Oh when the rain comes let it drown me
in an ocean of angel tears.
Oh when the wind blows through the bars
let it carry me to freedom.

Needle and thread clasped tight in hand,
the princess weaves a web.
On lavender silk she sews a story,
the story of her hell.

A place so cold and full of darkness
death doesn't even ride.
A place of silent misery
and man made golden light.

To dream and weave, cry and sing,
the princess stands alone.
Face tilted to catch the last rays
of a quickly dying Sun.

She sings a faintly haunting melody
for ears that will not hear.
And she fades away, alone in her tower
before her prince can hold her near.

"Oh heart song heart song,
whisper of the endless sea,
rise from the depths and carry aloft,
my golden princess to me."