Sarcasm Beetle


Beasts race across the acres as beams clear east,
The shadow of the bare stone castle darkening their trail.
And high she stands upon north tower, breathing in the dawn.
A celebrate silent mass for the demons who beset her.

The same old bracelet,
The gilded lace,
The echo of a fairy tale,
And a lover's warm embrace.

A breathless darkness
Enslaving her mind
As she closed her eyes
And fell.

Into the sea, awaiting calmly,
Through the late summer's newborn wind.
And late by far came tear threaded words
soft and sorrowfully released to the day.

Upon tower left empty and shrouded in mist,
He surveyed the fields, the waters below.
"One if by land and two if by sea."
And so he stepped onto the edge,
And so he remembered her broken smile.

Beasts race across the acres as beams clear west.
The shadow of the stone castle foretelling his fate.
And so he breathed in the dying day,
And so he swayed on the upper most spire.
And through the air scented with wine,
He fell into the ocean's embrace.