The Myriad


Battle rages with blood free flowing.
A single rose atop and empty grave.
The fruits of labor ripe and tempting,
Throughout those scarlet days.

The Sun sets fast and tints the sky
As flames destroy what once held life.
And a hellish painting unearthed at last,
Reveals a vermilion rainbow.

The Sun again rises and warms the place
Where light once fought back every shadow
And where happiness was a constant dream,
A golden 3000 miles away.

Through the desolate fields to escape,
The forest that moved to block the way,
Crushing plants with hurried steps,
To find an emerald lined freedom.

Traversing the endless maze of roads
Beneath the empty sky above
Into the ocean's cascading waves
Into a cerulean existence.

And in the end comes a warmer night,
A baby girl in lavender silk.
An iris where the rose once lay
Upon a painted lilac grave.


I don't really like a lot of the wording in this, but I had to make it fit.

Did you figure out the theme?