On the Wings of Icarus
By: Renne

Listening in the dark
A dark of a familiar kind
No stars shine and no moon rises
I bask in the brightest glory
For I flew on the wings of Icarus

You've never seen this light
It's of another sort
Iron velvet and frozen fire
The ranks of Seraph meet
And I fly on the wings of Icarus

Haunted by the sea
And I'm enthralled by the sun
There's a way to go between
A hard long road in between
On the wings of Icarus

These wings are young and old
Like yours, they know the wind
But you've flown where I've not
Below forty with no law
With the wings of Icarus

Now I go into another unknown
Your hand with mine at forty
You couldn't go the fifty
No law, and fifty, no god
On the wings of Icarus

Another line crossed, another darkness found
Far below forty and still, I fly
Treading betwixt cold sea and searing sun
I found you at the sun and sea
I could not in the sun-glare find the weight
That tore the wings of Icarus.

Flying with a wing lost was proclaimed
Valiant by the troubadour in his Lais
Meeting the golden sun and the wax melted
Diving to the sea and salt stung my eyes
Far beyond and below fifty by now
On the wings of Icarus.

I once soared in golden glory
And met the sea, heard her age'd tales
On the wings of Icarus.

You took me with you
We rise and we fall betwixt sea and sun
On the wings of Icarus.