"Mom! We have to go now! It's almost 9:00!" Exclaimed Jocelyn.
"You're being rude, Joss, just wait one second,"Replied Carmen, Jocelyn's mother.
Jocelyn pulled up a chair and sat down in a huff. She hated it when her mother got too wrapped up in these conversations with people she had never even met before. Why her mother had to go up to every new person that she met and start a heavy conversation about whatever was beyond her. Jocelyn began to twirl her hair until it got caught up in a huge knot that couldn't be untangled. When her mother finally turned around and said, "Let's go,", Jocelyn was half asleep. They walked out of the building into the cold, dark night. Her mother held a bag of presents that would soon be given to Jocelyn's relatives for Christmas. It was cold outside, and Jocelyn and her mother were shivering. They began to walk faster as it got colder.
The reason Jocelyn was trying to hurry her mother was because the hotel they were headed to did not let people inside after 9:00, whether they were guests at the hotel or not. Why they did this Jocelyn did not know, but what she did know was that she was tired and cold, and she wanted a place to sleep tonight. She glanced at her watch. It was 8:40.
"We have 20 minutes, mom!" Jocelyn cried.
"We're fine, honey, don't worry,"Her mother said.
They stopped at the signal and waited for the walking signal to come on. Jocelyn's mother turned around for a few minutes. Jocelyn didn't know why she did this, but she didn't really care. All she wanted was a nice warm bed with nice warm sheets. When the walking signal finally came on, Jocelyn and her mother crossed the street. As they crossed the street, Jocelyn's mother whispered into her ear:
"Honey, someone's following us. Try to walk a little faster, and whatever you do, don't look back,"
Chills ran down Jocelyn's spine.
"Is it a man or woman?" She croaked.
"It's a man," Her mother answered stiffly.
Jocelyn and her mother began to walk faster. They could hear the sounds of their heels clacking against the pavement, as well as someone else's right behind them. Jocelyn's mother was scared, but not as scared as Jocelyn. Thoughts ran through her mind that chilled her to the bone. What if this man was planning to rape them? Or what if this man planned to kill one or both of them? Jocelyn tried to shake these thoughts from her head, but it was extremely difficult. The hotel was just around the corner. Jocelyn and her mother would make it, if they hurried. They walked rapidly and Jocelyn was sure she could still hear footsteps behind her. When they approached the hotel, the man was just locking the doors.
"Please let us in!" Jocelyn cried.
"I'm sorry, we can't do that,"Replied the man, unaware that another was hiding amongst the grim alley walls.
"Please...there is someone following us!"Cried Jocelyn's mother.
The man looked around.
"I don't see anyone...i'm sorry,"The man said reluctantly.
Jocelyn burst into tears and her mother held her. Her mother's hands stiffened against Jocelyn's face. Jocelyn knew why. The man that had been following them approached both of them. In his hand, he held a dagger, as well as some unknown substance. Jocelyn squealed as he began to walk closer towards them...