Jocelyn could feel the agonized tears running down her face as the man continued to walk up to them. Her mother was practically choking her from strong grip. As Jocelyn looked into the man's eyes, she could see that he was wearing a ghastly grin on his face. She opened her mouth to scream when she felt something hard smack her across the forehead, presumably the man's fist. Jocelyn fell to the ground, unconscious as her mother hollered in terror. The unknown man grabbed Jocelyn's mother by the hair and violently snatched Jocelyn and slung her across his shoulders. Thus began the voilent and horrendous journey through the city streets and alleys in which Jocelyn and her mother would endure for a very long time.

Jocelyn slowly opened her eyes, hoping that the previous night had only been a nightmare. She could feel the cold ground beneath her and when she sat up, she found that she was trembling. Her forehead ached from where the man had struck her. She looked around the room in which she sat in. It was grimy and dull. It contained nothing but cobwebs and unknown creatures scurrying around. Jocelyn could not locate her mother anywhere in this swamp of a room. When she stood up, she found that her shirt had been ripped open and her pants unzipped. Jocelyn stood in horror. This man had raped her! Jocelyn began to cry. She cried for two hours until she heard the door open. Jocelyn looked up.
"Hello, gorgeous," Said a deep voice.
Jocely knew who it was.
"Wh-where's my mom?" She stammered.
"Ahh, Carmen's in my bedroom, honey. She's asleep right now. Don't worry about her...," He replied.
He stepped forward and Jocelyn began to scoot backwards towards the wall.
"Are you afraid of me, babydoll?" He coaxed.
Jocelyn said nothing.
"It really makes me mad when girls don't respond to me...,"He said.
"Maybe I am. I want to know why you kidnapped us and I want to know when you are going to let us go," Jocelyn said.
The man chuckled and said nothing as he stepped forward some more. Jocelyn reached the wall and leaned against it. He grabbed Jocelyn by the neck and took her into his bedroom. When they entered, Jocelyn saw her mother. She gasped in horror. She lay naked on the bed, a gash across her forehead.
"Mom!" Jocelyn cried.
"You asshole! I'm going to kill you!"
The man voilently hit Jocelyn across the cheek and she fell to the floor.
"Be careful what you say around me, babydoll," He growled.
"You may get your throat slit,"
Jocelyn sat up and cried. She didn't want to die...