Muse of Light and Dark

Sitting, waiting

Pen in hand

What am I making

In this far away land?


Dragons flaming

Monarchs crying

Sickened maiming

Blood drying


Anger burns me,

Whole phrases dissipate

Where is the key?

Why has my Muse turned to Hate?


I used to be happy

People still say I am.

To me, I sound tacky

I feel like a scam.


My stories would be happy

Sadness wouldn't touch here.

No one would have to pay,

Faerie tale endings everywhere


I was wrong

I see that now

Naivety strong

Spark lost, somehow.


I forgot a lesson of life

That all must learn

Happiness isn't lack of strife

Love you must earn.


My characters lacked spark

A vivacious soul

Leaves a mark

Even if that's not the goal


They came to me in dreams

Begging for more

Individuality, it seems

Is what they searched for.


I searched my memory

Thinking of them

I'd created them poorly

So I grabbed my pen


Written into their lives now

Hand in hand with Love

Is Passion, Desire and Sorrow

The tunes to which we move.


So my Muse turned to Dark

Yet still lives in happiness

And the song of a lark

Gives it something more to bless


Darkness and Light

All of our souls

Bleak and Bright

Will break the mold


We're all unique

With people who care

The future is less bleak

So please remember to share


Share Love and Sorrow

Passion and Hate

I'll see my Muse tomorrow

I must go, I can't be late!