The wind whipped through her hair as she stood on her porch swishing daggers and throwing knives. She had made up her mind long ago to finish what her father had started. He won't have died in vain. She would kill the person who had murdered the only person who cared for her at all. He had died to save her and she will repay the favor. She hated everything that walked the day just as she hated everything that walked the night. However she wasn't scared of the night. Things were peaceful in the day and that scared her because she was used to violence and killings . . . she didn't like nice and she didn't play nice. A life had been forcibly taken from her and she held grudges like no other.

She walked slowly into her house and allowed the cold air to ease her muscles and joints. She walked over to the bathroom to take a quick shower then practice her meditation. She shut the door behind her and locked it.. She still didn't trust anyone not even her own mother . . . Not since that fateful night ten years ago. She turned to her mirror and ran a brush through her hair. She stripped down and turned on the water. As the water began to heat up she grabbed her washrag and her towel. She stepped into the tub and allowed the water to run all over her skin. Most people thought she was crazy but her mother refused to admit her to a mental hospital. She washed up and washed her hair. She turned the water off and stepped out of the tub. As she was ringing her hair out she heard a knock at the door.

"Adora is that you?" her mother began.

"Yes do you need something?"

"Just checking in on you sweetie."

"Whatever. Is that all?"

"Well . . . No . . . I thought we could go to the movies tonight. Just you and me."



"Homework, sorry."

"Well okay maybe I'll ask Jacques. Do you think he'll want to go?"

"Don't know. I can't read his mind." She pulled her robe on and started to blow-dry her hair. After she finished she slipped into her black silk pajamas. She loved the feel of the satin against her skin. She picked up her knives and slipped them into their place . . . one on her back, one on each ankle, and one on her hip. She hated not being prepared.

She stepped out of the bathroom and started down the hall. She stopped by the drawing room to say good-night to her mother. Her mother was on the chaise with her head on the arm. She was sobbing gently.

"Mom . . . Are you okay?" She approached her mother slowly. She didn't like the unknown and this didn't happen often.

Her mom looked up as if she had just said something stupid. "Yeah I'm fine. I just miss your father sometimes."

Adora stepped toward her mom and sat down beside her. "I miss him too. I'm afraid of letting him down and hurting him even more." She looked at her feet and started to sob gently. Her mother put her arm around her and gave her a hug.

" I love you sweetie." Her mother looked sad and Adora felt bad for her. She hugged her back.

She headed for her room. She refused to think because she felt bad when she thought so she turned and did back-flips all the way to her room. She opened her door and the stereo, which was set on a motion detector, turned on Godsmack's Snakebite. She stepped in and shut the door behind her locking it securely. She headed toward her balcony for her meditation, she had to keep her body in check, physically and mentally. She sat down on the cold varnished wood and crossed her legs. She allowed the hard pounding of the music to flow through her pulsing veins. For one moment she was at peace with the world.

She felt an unseen presence creeping up her back. She had only felt that presence once before, and that was ten years ago. She uncrossed her legs and stood up, her back still toward the presence. "Hello, Alexander. How have you been?"

"Been good. And how have you been?"

"You left me with two bite marks on my neck. How do you think I've been?" She turned to face him, and smiled. He hid in the shadows so she could only see a bit of his face.

"Look I'm sorry but I had to protect myself and you would be better without me there to interfere."

" I liked you and you're all I think about. I've been training to avenge his death and I will. Do you know anything that will help me because if not you can come back some other time. I'm busy."

"I've been watching you every night for the past ten years and you haven't even noticed me. I don't think I have anything to fear."'

"Why have you been watching me?"

"Because I told you I would. But that's not why I came tonight."

"Then why did you come here you have never come within my view before."

"I'm leaving tonight and no one will be watching you at night. No one other than those wishing to cause you harm. So please be careful. I need you to promise to be safe."

"I can't promise that and you know that. I will get whoever did this. It won't be safe. So I'm sorry." she sighed and stepped toward him and placed her hands on his chest. "Look I can't promise that I'll be alive tomorrow but I can promise to be as safe as I possibly can. Will that work for you?"

"I guess I really don't have a choice do I?" He sighed and looked down.

"Hey I can try but I don't think you exactly jumped in and fought my fights did you?" She put her hand under his chin to make him look at her.

He looked at her and she looked at her and she kissed him. A simple kiss at first but she pulled away and dropped her hands. "Maybe you should go, Alexander. In fact I need you to go."

"Adora please maybe we could talk."

"You took a bite out of me and you want to talk! I liked you a lot and you left me. You've been watching me for ten years! You could've let me know sometime. Why didn't you let me know?" She sat onto the deck and put her knees up to her chest and started crying. "I've been dreaming of you being here and now I find out you've been here the whole time and I didn't even know."

"I know you missed me. When you actually went to sleep you talked about me in your sleep. I'm sorry I hurt you but it was for the best." He looked down again and sat beside her. "Look I said I was sorry and I mean it." He lifted her chin and bent down to look her straight in the face. "Please I am sorry." He pulled her closer and kissed her.

She was shocked. He was kissing her and not pulling back. She put her hand behind his head and leaned into his embrace. They were one together.

Then he pulled away. He took a breath, then said, "This is not a good idea. I really need to leave and you are not making this easy. I care for you but I have to leave to protect you. Okay?"

"If you think you're protecting me than maybe it's for the best. So be careful. Maybe I'll see you again." She stood up and headed toward her room.

"Are you mad at me?"

"No you are doing what you believe to be right."

"Good take care." He crossed the porch quickly and kissed her cheek. "Good-bye." He crossed the porch and leapt over the railing.

She turned and headed inside her bedroom.