Something to Somebody about Nothing

Why won't you change?
Can't you see what you're doing?
If only you'd just admit that you're in the wrong, just once!
An apology would be nice but I know I shouldn't push my luck.

Do you hear yourself?
Even when you're not talking the noise you create is unbearable.
It's so loud, so loud in my head, that it makes me want to leave.
Hide away.
But I'm afraid of leaving.
You'll accuse me of being rude and anti-social.
And then you'll sulk.

I hate it when you sulk.
Eggshells aren't very comfortable to walk on.
With every step I see your face contorting with frustration and rage until something within you finally snaps.

Don't you understand?
You're driving me, us, away!
Is it intentional?
Don't you want us to be close?
Because I want to be close to you.

Please let me love you.