+Mistress of Eternity+


Falling away,
Wings wasted and tired-
Give away.

Retracing old scars-
Painting over old wounds-
As palms press against the windowpane.
Warmth- not mine own-
Eyes seek out yours,
Yet despite the hint of a smile-
You see the Shadow,
Flitting in the depth of my gaze.

A soft murmur,
Waves creep along my flesh-
The sea beckons to you.
A soft embrace,
My, lids drunk with despair-
Your, lips drunk with desire-
The sea seeks salvation.

The tide rises in the light
Of a blood red moon.
Flooding the bed sheets,
Drowning my misery,
Staining the night,
With inhuman cries,
With inhuman love-
Yet you still hold me,
Shaking, sobbing,
Banishing the Shadow
Bleeding into my vision.

Hunger satiated,
Thirst quenched,
Flame extinguished,
You succumb.
Yet I lie awake,
In your arms-
My Gethsemane.

A torrent of anguish,
Lurching at the back of my throat.
Tasteless vomit.
Salt-less tears.
Heartless beat -
Barely audible.

The tender touch of memory,
Seeping life from my wounds...

A pearly void-
Gaze of darkness.
A hellish heaven-
Lips of glossy black.
A breathless gasp-
Ecstasy of a kiss.

A whisper,
Lost on the wind.
A beating, breathing hope,
Washed away with the rain
I used to dance in.
And after all this time,
The snow falls ever slower
Outside my window,
Leaving the bitter taste of heartache in my mouth.

Cold palms pressing upon-
Grasping desperately-
To shreds.
I let darkness take me.

Arms crossed,
The Shadow lingers,
In the murky glow
Of the streetlamp
Outside my door.