Dreaming away inside your warmth,

On a cold, wet morning,

Drenched in cool tranquility,

A funeral procession in company of snow,

Upon my window gave a sudden blow.


Glanced upon the ashen face –

(Crying something, heavens know what

– you – Oh Gods!)

And my rhythm lost its pace.

But when my heart stops beating…

The earth but ceases breathing.


Swallowed by a tidal wave of tears,

Shoulders hunched against the rain,

Under her fingers the fading years,

Slipping quickly into the inane.


Submerged in a gray sea of dusty embers

Basked in the blinding light of silence,

Remembering those dim Decembers,

Whose pale complexions of transience,

Brought not this pain...



Holding close the cold palms of the earth,

Cool toes curled against Odin's steed,

Watercolored silhouettes by her birth,

Succumbing to sinister shadows - Oh to plead!

For salvation...


Holding the cosmos under transparent skin,

Hues of sin and death, entwined in life,

Belly swollen as the moon within,

Motherly eyes bleeding tears of strife,

She weeps...

…with me.


(Shaky knees pressed against the hard earth)

Pleading, begging...

For the comforting hearth

Of your existence,

Pounding away in my veins–

If you go, you will not leave me!

No, you cannot leave me!

– in the dark...


Pressed against cold sheets,

Smoke in my ears,

Tears in my eyes,

Blood on my lips –

Awake in cold fever,

To find you – in my arms.



And the world exhales.