Author's Note: This poem was written for my boyfriend for Valentine's Day. A little late, I know...

Mythological Lover

I wouldn't change a thing about you, but...

If your mouth were Poseidon
I would be the sea.
If your body were a candle,
I would gladly melt with thee.

If your eyes were the stars,
Apollo's light would succumb.
If your heart forgot its rhythm,
I would gladly be your drum.

If your feet chilled in Charon's Waters,
I would follow you into the dark.
If your voice misplaced its song,
I would gladly be your lark.

If your vision bled into gray,
I would paint you the dawn.
Then you would see...
Etched in the colors I have drawn.

And if you were Dionysus,
I would ask that you pour us a cup of wine.
-and then I would finally pause for breath-
Would you please be my Valentine?