Somewhere near Lake Claire, there is a bridge. At this point I'd like you to notice that the bridge is near Lake Claire and not on it... This is most likely because the bridge is only a few feet wide and twenty feet across. Not exactly lake material, so it is simply (and aptly) called "Foot Bridge".

I'd also like you to know that this bridge has very little to do with the actual story and that I only included it because the knowledge will come in handy later (I promise).

But enough of my rambling; I'll start from the beginning... or what I consider the beginning of this particular story.

I think it began while I was walking home from school. (Yeah, I know. You've heard this before right? Good.)

There is a bus that makes the trip from school to home, but then the poor little Foot Bridge goes unvisited. So I, being the dork that I am, decide to walk often. Or, should I say, we decide to walk often. We being Milo and I.

In case you didn't know (and you probably didn't) Milo (his real name is Miles) and I have been best friends for a few years. The only reason he even walks with me is he's afraid I'm going to get mugged or something on my way home. Mugged? Me? ... God I hope not.

Anyway, this story happens to start on this particular Foot Bridge with this particular best friend... and me talking constantly... as usual.

"One day, I want to be on this bridge when it's raining. You know, if you turn away from the road and face the trees, it looks just like something out of a movie."

Milo just smirks and rolls his eyes. I say this every time we walk over Foot Bridge.

So I glare at him in mock anger. "What? Are you too good to stand on a wet bridge?"

He's still smirking "Nope... I'm too smart to stand on a wet bridge. You know, a wet bridge is a death waiting to happen." He's mocking me again. "You could slip and impale yourself on one of these rusty nails and die of tetanus, or you could catch a fatal strain of pneumonia, or you could fall over the side and drown in muddy swamp water. How's that for something out of a movie?"

I pretend to ignore him, but I know he can see me smiling. Those are just the kinds of things I'd be careful to avoid... but I still want to stand on the Foot Bridge when it's raining.