Author's Note:

Although the people and events in this story really didn't actually occur or exist, there is, in fact, a Lake Claire... between my school and where I live. And, there is a small bridge across a narrow part of the swamp that bears the name "Foot Bridge".

The old pencil sharpener is currently located in the Script Analysis classroom, the umbrella is currently purple, and the highlighter-hued sweater is actually a sweatshirt... currently in the possession of an old best friend.

The goo in Polaroid pictures really is poisonous (so I suggest that you don't ingest it), there is actually a cafe in my school's library, and I actually do hate Economics and love Calculus... however, pencils don't really talk to me. (Sorry.)

But... if they could... I bet they'd be psychic.

Best of Hopeful Wanderings,

-R. Louise