Chapter Five:

An Old Friend

The bedroom door creaked open as Angelica pushed it and looked into Ives' room, her eyes landed on the child and she stepped in quickly. "What have you done?" she asked Ives, glancing over her shoulder to see him, but he had disappeared into the darkness, leaving her.

"Bastard." she whispered, but walked on into the room, now she was alone, she smiled as he reached down and stroked Grace's hair, sitting at her bedside, Angelica smiled widely. "How beautiful." she whispered, looking over Grace's face as the little girl slept. Though Angelica looked at her thin wrists and pale skin, her hand felt down the girls throat.

She sat for a very long time, such a time that made Harris come to check on her. "My Lady?" he asked, putting his into the door, thinking she was with Ives, but, he was mistaken and slightly taken back as he looked at her staring down at the child.

Angelica turned her head to look at him, losing her smile a little, she sat tall. "Look at her, Harris."

"I have, my Lady." he said as he came closer to the bed. "But, what is she doing here, if I may ask…?" he said slowly.

"She is from Ives."

"Ives? The vampire can not have children."

"It's not his." she said and laughed a little. "He has given her to me… and, yes, don't worry, I will have a word with him about stealing and find out where she is really from… but, for now-"

"She is yours." Ives' voice came. "She has no mother, nor father… or family, as far as I know, she is yours, a daughter."

The feeling of warmth came from Angelica as she smiled to herself and seemed to glow with happiness. Her eyes looked around for Ives, she caught him in the corner of the room, his eyes on them. She bowed her head before returning her eyes to Grace. "I have a daughter, Harris…"

"So it would seem, my Lady." he said, nodding softly to himself. "And, she is mortal, if I am not mistaken."

"You are not." Ives replied. "She had problems breathing… then Jenix was hovering over her." he said slowly, thinking about this. "Mistress, he got away, but, I fear I know where to go."

"I know you do." she answered. "And I give you permission. Go and find out what you can. I know he will not let us down."

Harris looked slightly put off now, "… My Lady, you think it's wise?" he asked. "Plague is-"

"I know full well what he is and what he has done." she started. "And, I would like to indicate that I was on the opposing side of discharging him, I stand firm when I say I still believe he is one of the best of our sources and finest assassins. But, Ives, you will have to track him."

"Already have… I never lost him, Master." he said, raising an eyebrow. "I have very little friends on Earth, I don't lose one because of a council meeting."

Harris shook his head. Closing his eyes, "I wish you a safe journey." he muttered, rubbing his forehead with his thumb and forefinger. "I will have the girl some food sent up when she wakes."

"I also want you to check her over, Harris." she said slowly, "I want her healthy, she can not have anything wrong with her… and then, like you did me, I wish for you to school her."

Harris looked shocked, "A mortal?" he asked. "… Oh, school her human ways?"

"No, she is to know everything." she replied. "And, one day, take over from me."

"You will out live her, if she is only mortal." Harris started, but, looked at the doubt which Angelica held about his words. He paused, not continuing with what he was going to say, he bowed his head, "As you wish then… I would only be too happy." he added, walking towards the door.

It wasn't until the next night that Ives took up his cane and tipped his hat down, stepping out of his bedroom. Harris was stood, holding car keys, papers and a leather wallet. He waited until Ives paused in front of him.

The faint flicker of a smile came to Ives' face as he took the leather wallet.

"Now, now!" Harris said, "You just listen to me…" he took in a deep breathe, sighing heavily, "Just because this has been permitted by Angelica doesn't mean it is going be allowed by others, Ives…"

"I know, but, what does that matter?" Ives' asked as he took the wallet, papers and car keys.

"It matters a great deal… It means that if he steps out of line once, he will be discharged again. "If he does what he done last time, he may even be lined up against the wall and shot at, just keep that in mind… please?"

"Harris… you worry far too much."

"And, just how can I not? I have Derek and Rain around me, I have Angelica now with a child… I in fact have the child in my teaching… and now I have a lycan about to return. Just where is he? You said you knew where he was."

"He is where he has always been. He never left." Ives spoke slowly. "He rests within the stone walls the council built around him."

Harris now frowned to the vampire that stood before him. "That is not true, Ives. You know full well he didn't have to return there if he didn't want to."

"Where else would he have gone? This job was everything to him."

"Do not take it out on us, it was his own actions. It was his fault for the deaths of no less than twelve members-"

"Accident, Harris, accident, it wasn't meant to happen."

"Never the less. It happened and we can not change the time, now… go. Waste no more time."

The old car drove on late through the night, one through the city and along a few twisting road which seemed to go on forever. Leading out until land lay on either side of the road, stretching for miles. So different from the city that it had always made Ives feel uncomfortable. There was no cover, though there were a few trees, if there were open fire, there was very little that could be done.

Bullets didn't worry him very much. Daggers and knives were very little of a problem, but still, it made him feel naked and alone.

Alone… a word known very well to Ives. Before Angelica there was nothing but darkness. Nothing nor anyone. Even when he joined her, became her servant until death should release him, he had never had friends… Until he met Plague. The very person he was going to meet. As close as brothers, the two worked together on many tasks. When Plague had been dismissed, Ives had lost his best friend - his brother.

The open land grew thin and more trees were taking over the land now. Getting thicker and thicker, the trees covered the light that had beamed down from the stars and the moon (Which was only half full) No sound was coming from the radio. It was broken, and there were no plans of it ever being fixed. The music that they played was never to the vampires tastes. Although he lived life fast and careless, his choice in music, if ever he listened to it was slow and calm. Classical. He favoured the violin above all instruments.

He turned on to a dirt track road. The car didn't like this at all, jolting through the potholes. The dust was coming up, clouding over the windows. "Damn." he muttered as he flickered the wipers on, only one was moving… and that was on the passengers side. Reeling down the window, Ives poked his head out to see, up through the trees, the tip of the peak of a church.

Drawing ever closer was a church. A very old looking church. On the face of the clock, it was just coming up to one in the morning. Stopping outside by the low, grey wall (That looked like it was crumbling away). Ives left the car and scanned his eyes over the old graves. He stepped on to the ground, frowning slight at a black cat whom sat, flickering her tail. "Clear off, animal."

"You talking to me?" a deep males voice came.

Raising his eyes, Ives looked upon a large man, grinning at him. He stood outside a crypt, leaning on a pillar. His shoulder length, silver hair looked damp. He was six foot eight and built as strong and wide as an ox. A cigarette was resting between his lips. The light from the tip glowed, showing his two green eyes. One eye was slightly faded and clouded over. He was shirtless, only wearing a pair of tattered, blue jeans. No shoes nor socks.

"I asked you a question, Ives." he spoke again. "Bloody answer when I talk to you."

"How dare a beast order a vampire." Ives said, smiling though. "Look at you…" he muttered. "A stat, if Angelica saw you like that-"

"She fall into my arms and beg me to go running back to her." He said and stood tall. "Of course, I wouldn't lower myself."

Raising an eyebrow. "Then, you will not want this back." he said as he tossed the leather wallet to the ground.

Scooping a large hand down, Plague picked it up, his eyes on the wallet, a huge smile grew over his face as he opened it to see a golden cross on one half with a black ribbon tied to it, on the other half was a picture of his face and:

Department of Demonic Activity

and Investigation Agent

Michelangelo Garth Livied

No: DOD65237404

His eyes looked to Ives again, "I'm back?"

"Partly, you have been pardoned by Angelica and Angelica alone… no screw ups or it could cost you your life this time." he answered.

"Pardoned? Whatever for?"

"We have run into a little problem. A demon is causing us a problem. Goes by the name of Jenix. He has been hiding out in the hospital, or… had been, we had a run in."

"I heard…"


"They covered it over with a bomb scare, I'm not stupid, I do hear these things. You're making a name for yourself, ain't you?" he grinned coldly. "You and that demon at the train tracks."

"And… how'd you hear about that one?"

"Little friend told me." he answered. Looking back into the crypt. Then to the black cat.

"Little friend?" Ives' asked.

Plague nodded towards the church. "Who the hell do you think I mean?" he asked. "Old priest!" he told him, "Father Robert, you silly sod! It isn't going to be the cat, is it?! You blood-sucking prat!" he laughed, taking the cigarette from his mouth, "Jesus, you're a nutcase, you know?" he muttered. "Look at you standing there, thinking me, above all others is going to be sitting down having a chat with a little feline… The nerve of it all-"

"I got the point." Ives rolled his eyes. "Calm yourself down." he sighed, listening to Plague laugh under his breathe.

"You great tit…" Plague muttered. "Come in," he offered, holding the door open now, cold air ran to Ives' face and the smell of candles.

"Turning into a hippy, ain't you?" Ives teased as he entered. Looking at the patchwork blankets hanging on the walls, the dream catcher about his stone bed, heather was hanging around too.

Plague was hurt by this and he grabbed Ives' shoulder. "Don't start." he growled deeply. The giant male pushed the vampire into the wall. Ives groaned, turning his head to look upon a silver cross on the wall. Plague was still frowning s he sat himself down on a wooden stool that creaked under his weight. "Hold your tongue or leave!" he said unhappily.

Looking to Plague's neck, Ives catch sight of a glass beaded necklace. The beads were blues and greens and there was the odd orange stone, but the pendent was in the shape of a blue and white tear drop. (The tear drop was about the size of a thumb.) Ives had struck a nerve. "You know I didn't mean it."

"You better hope you didn't." Plague growled, hiding the necklace as he slipped his shirt on. Plague had lived for a long time, not as long as Ives, however, long enough. The whole of his ancestors had been gypsies.

For as long as Ives could remember, Plague had always had little hints and tips of his past life. Never had Plague's family died in his soul, their ways… the random objects the male had always carried… the necklace in fact had been his mothers.

"Plague, my old friend… I ain't going to ever hurt you, am I?" he asked. "I mean, you're my buddy… my brother." he said as he moved close and ruffled his friends wet hair. "Don't be like that, you know I mean no harm." he smiled, taking the seat across the table.

"It sure sounded like it." he told him. "But, then again, you are a creature of hidden meaning and logic… you Ives are of like nothing I have ever seen." Plague said as he looked forwards, taking up a glass that held red wine. "You'll be a pain until I die."

"You're my plague, Plague, now… down to business. Do you know of anything?"

"Alas, of Jenix, I haven't heard anything."

Ives sighed deeply.

"But, I think I know someone who might." a wicked smile spread over face.

Driving back into the city, Old Iris coughed loudly along most of the roads. "Take a left." Plague said, looking out of the window. "Now a right… Right! I mean… oh, hang on, what's that?"

"That's my cane, leave it and tell me were to go." Ives hissed. "Sun will be up soon, unless you want to be talking to a pile of dust, I'd bloody hurry up."

"Ah, keep your fangs in, Grandpa…" Plague smiled. "Go right here… Look at kids today." he said as he looked out of the window at a street gang. "I mean… well, look at this." he said, the car stopped at a red light, but couldn't help himself leaning out of the window and sounding a loud, sharp wolf whistle to one of the girls.

Staring around at him, Ives hissed, "Get your head in now!"

"Oi!" Plague called, "Get your fine self over here!" he called to the girl as Ives tried to pull him back.

She took one glance at Plague and turned her nose up. "I wouldn't waste my time." she replied. "After all, your friend can't even waste a little money on a car that hasn't been owned by the Flintstones."

"Did she just pick on my car?" Ives asked. "Look at her out there in-" he stopped, frowning heavily. He pulled Plague back so he could now shout towards the female. "My love, do not insult something that holds more dignity than your entire family. Not to be rude, but I believe that I am wearing more material on my feet than you are your whole body."

"Not that I find anything wrong with that." Plague told her, "The legs are wonderful." he grinned, only to fake a shocked face as she waved a middle finger towards them.

The light was now green. Ives drove forwards, but stalled the car. Old Iris died, rolling forwards. The small gang laughed and the girl stepped a little closer. "I didn't think you could stall something that you roll around with your feet." she said, raising an eyebrow. Her wild, long, chestnut hair hung right down to her hips. Her green eyes were on them both as she smirked, shaking her head.

Flustered, Ives hissed under his breathe, turning the key, trying to get Iris to start. She chocked and coughed, sputtered and groaned, but after a few tries, she fumbled along past them, Ives put his foot down, wanting to get away as fast as he could.

"Great, you killed the cool there." Plague started, folding his arms behind his head, looking in the wing mirror to see them all laughing.

"Will you just tell me which way to go?!"