I call your house

You don't pick up

I call again

The phone beeps


I think, "No big deal,

I'll try back later."

In three hours

I try again


Now is when I start

Wondering who you're talking to

But I reassure myself

"It's probably a relative"

So in thirty minutes

I call again,


I start to worry

I begin thinking

"There's someone else"

Five minutes later

I call one more time,


I get frantic

"What are they talking about?

They're mocking me!"

I grow depressed

I feel helpless

"How could she?

But I thought…the LIES!"

My eyes begin to water

As the first tear

Rolls down my cheek,

The phone rings…

"Hello? What's wrong?

You sound sad…"

"Nothing" I reply.

"Well I just wanted

To tell you my mom

Was using the phone,

I wanted to call you,

I'm sorry."

Suddenly stupidity flows through me

"I love you," I said.

Laughter rises in the back

"Whose that?"

"My friend, Chris."

I hear words in the back

"Come on, let's go again"

"No stop that!"

Her phone drops as

Moans flow through the line

I hear him panting

There's no doubt in my mind

What they're doing together

My heart feels gauged

Silent tears fall

I run, aimlessly

End up in the garage

Reached in the drawer

Biting the barrel

As a gunshot ends the night.