I edited the first chapter. Still bad, but gets the job done.

Chapter One: Baby, I Don't Cry Over You

If you don't come tonight
Think you'll give me a fright
Tell you what I will do
Ill put on my best gown
And go painting this town
Baby, I don't cry over you

-Billy Holiday

She knew that it was wrong. Frowned upon by society. But it was a hopeless addiction that she couldn't seem to shake. It called to her like a beautiful siren called to lusty sailors.

Aislynn Greene let out a sigh and gave in to her desires. She sank her spoon back into the sink sized bowl full of ice cream and closed her eyes in pleasure as her taste buds exploded. Her spoon went back towards the bowl. It was almost empty.

Her two best friends, Janie and Paige, stared at her with wide eyes, as did the other diners inside the ice cream shop. It definitely was a strange sight. Aislynn was naturally skinny and could never seem to gain weight. It often bothered her. No matter how much pizza, cookies, or chocolate candies she ate, she stayed a slim size two.

"Christ, I didn't think you would do it!" Paige exclaimed, combing her hands through her newly bobbed platinum hair.

She and Janie had dared her to order The Faucet. It was one of those, eat large amounts of food and get your picture on the wall if you don't through up deals. Aislynn had been hesitant, but agreed with a grin. She couldn't pass up an opportunity to eat vast amounts of ice cream and gain a small amount of glory. She would forever be known as The 115 pound girl who finished The Faucet.

"I hate you, you know that Ash?" Paige grumbled. She always had trouble with her weight. She carried extra around her tummy and thighs and was constantly on a diet. She even tried that cabbage soup one. But Aislynn thought she couldn't be more beautiful, with her auburn hair and hazel eyes.

Ash felt a slight gurgling in her stomach. Oh no, she thought. There was one scoop of ice cream left. She couldn't throw up now! But her stomach groaned and lurched as she wearily gazed at the contents of the bowl. It was no use.

"I can't", she said in her soft voice and pushed the bowl away. An audible groan rose from the spectators.

"Yes!" some man shouted, punching a fist through the air. He looked expectantly at his friend. "Fifty bucks, man. Hand it over."

Ash smiled softly and stood up, the vinyl of the booth squelching. Janie and Paige were giggling as they followed her out the door.

"That was weak Greene," Janie teased, elbowing her in the ribs.

"Yeah, yeah." She replied with a smile and roll of her eyes. "See you at school?"

Paige looked at her strangely. "Um…what about tonight? Weren't we going to watch America's Next Top Model?"

Ash mentally slapped her forehead. "Actually I was going out with…"

"Paul," Paige finished with a sly grin.

Ash nodded sadly. "So I'll see you tomorrow."

They gave each other tight hugs and the other two girls walked off arm in arm, giggling. Ash frowned as she got into her red Jeep, turned the ignition, and put her new CD in the player. She would rather be off with her best friends then heading home for yet another night with her boyfriend. Not that she didn't want to spend time with Paul. He was her boyfriend, after all. But…she was starting to wonder why she was still with him. The giddiness of the relationship was gone. All he wanted to do was have sex. Which she didn't. Occasionally, like the night before, he would be his old charming self. A faint blush spread across her cheeks as she remembered him.

It was still there as she pulled onto her cheek and sped passed the old, Victorian houses. It was still there as she pulled into her driveway. It was horrifyingly still there as he knocked on the passenger side window.

"Hey," he muttered as he slide into the car.

"Hi," she whispered. She wondered why she felt the need to whisper. She concluded that it was just his presence in the car, making the atmosphere solemn.

"What were you thinking about?" he asked, not looking at her.

She was startled. "E-excuse me?"

He rang a hand through his blond curls and smiled at her. It uncharacteristically reached his eyes, which she noticed, only happened when he smiled at her. "You were sitting in here for ten minutes, just staring out the window."

She felt heat creep up her neck. "O-oh. I w-wasn't really thinking. About anything…I guess."

He just raised his eyebrows, staring at her with those blue eyes.

"U-uh," she stuttered. "I gotta go."

She hurried out of her car. Leaving him in it. Why am I so stupid? She groaned to herself.

She was always nervous around Aiden Carter, ever since he moved next door freshman year. Half of it was because he was gorgeous. The kind of boy to be drooled over. Just the sight of him in a bathing suit made her body twitch. The other half was because he always seemed to be angry and often experienced mood swings. She never knew why. When he, his father, and older brother moved in, Travis, her twin, had been extremely excited. There weren't many kids their age in the neighborhood, let alone another boy. So he and Aiden quickly became friends. Then Janie and Paige went to sleep away camp. Ash sulked for days, so Aiden proposed she go to the pool with them.

She hadn't been friends with him, exactly. He was a little too closed of for her liking. He never included details about himself and answered questions vaguely. But he was a great listener and she liked that. Then school started again and soon, he had half the female population of the school wrapped around his finger. Ash became intimidated. How could she compete with all of those girls who were so confident? Since that summer, she hadn't exactly talked to him much.

But the night before…He watched her undress. She could tell when she saw his face in the window. He looked like a puppy waiting to be scolded. But what surprised her was she didn't care. She almost wanted him to see her. She had never been hormonal like Janie and Paige. She preferred reading to hooking up with guys on Friday nights. But knowing he watched her…it was almost erotic.

Also, the look on his face was so…lost. She instantly felt a connection to him as she pressed her hand against the glass and he did the same. He sat there, clad only in a pair of boxers, looking at her face longingly. It scared her so much, this pull she felt between their houses, that she forced herself to regained her composure and pulled the curtains closed. She briefly touched the tips of her fingertips to her lips, which had been stretched into the smile that she seemed to only send his way only moments before.

When entering her room, she ceremoniously ran her hand along her shelves of books and turned her music on. Billy Holiday and Bram Stocker's Dracula sounded good to her. She took her usual spot in her window seat, wiggling her hips back and forth to get comfortable, and immersed herself in the words printed on the yellowed pages.

She was so far away in Transylvania and London, that didn't notice the clock. It read 7:42. The sun had just set and she could hear the rumbling of a car coming down her street.

"Shit!" she exclaimed and ran to her other window to see that, yes, Paul was waiting.

He honked. Once, then twice. She only continued to stare at his dark car. What were they going to do? Go back to his place and make-out, with him testing her boundaries again? Him trying to screw her?

She grew angry at the thought. She usually wasn't an angry person. She was quite optimistic, the one who thought everything could only get better when it hit rock bottom. But the thought of him licking his lips, waiting for her, made her sick to her stomach. Well, that along with the ice cream floating in her belly.

Paul honked for the sixth time. She knew seventh was his limit. She waited for ten seconds. Then fifteen…

She sighed heavily and rushed down the stairs to the door. Her feet carried over her to the car where her now irritated boyfriend sat.

"Hi," she said as she leaned into the passenger side window.

His face was turned from her, arm out the window where the smoke from his cigarette curled up into the sky. He didn't reply, choosing to smoke instead. She watched in fascination as his cheeks contracted over…and over.

"Don't be mad," she whispered and instantly regretted it. She shouldn't be apologizing to him! He was being a jerk.

With a heavy sigh, he flicked his finished cigarette out the window.

He faced out the windshield as he addressed her. "You getting in the car, or what?"

Ash stared at her boyfriend's profile. It was perfect, of course, except for the slight crookedness of his nose where he broke it. The funny thing was, she never got that giddy feeling when she saw him anymore. 'That's what happens when you're in love, isn't it?' She asked herself. No, this wasn't love. He didn't even feel like he was apart of her life anymore.

"Or what," she said and stomped away angrily.

And that was that. She was almost proud. She had resisted. Probably the first girl to do so. That is, until the car raced down the street with frightening speed and force. The way he drove, she knew he was angry. She could only stare at the empty street, where his car had been thinking how September just got colder. Then she cried.

What is my problem? She thought, angrily wiping at her now mascara stained cheeks. He's just a boy. A boy who didn't understand the meaning of 'no'. Who cares if they broke up?

But she was alone now. Her brother was somewhere with their younger sister Kira, her parents still on their second honeymoon. She couldn't call her friends. She didn't want them to see her crying over a boy.

So she did something stupid. She waited until the lights in his house went out. Then she climbed up the tree and knocked on his window. She waited, crouched on the roof beneath the window. Her breathing increased as she heard movement inside the room.

His blinds rattled and then slid up.

She almost fell. Aiden stood their, looking at her with wide eyes. She knew, much to her dismay, that she looked like a tomato, her face was so red. He had a towel wrapped around his waist, dangerously low. Low enough she could see a curious trail of hair on his taut lower abdomen, leading to…down there.

"Can I come in?" she tentatively asked through the closed window. Her breath steamed up the window.

He didn't say anything but opened the window and stepped back to allow her to crawl in. She tried her best to look dignified as she clumsily hoisted herself through, but only managed to make herself look even stupider.

"Uh… are you okay, or something?" he asked. He looked her up and down, as if he expected her to be injured.

She shrugged and looked around his room. She had never been in it before. It was messy, but not overly so. Some stray clothes around the floor, the bed clumsily made. He had a couple of posters, all of some rock bands she happened to like, on his dark blue walls. A couch was piled with just stuff.

"I just…" She said. How could she put it? Needed company, a place to hang out? Comfort?

Noticing how uncomfortable she was, he offered, "Let me get dressed," and disappeared out the door.

With a heavy sigh, she lowered herself onto his bed. Comfy, she thought, as her body sank into the mattress. She caught herself thinking that she could get used to being in this bed. A couple minutes later, Aiden came back in a tee-shirt and pajama pants. His hair was wet and slicked back, his skin red from his shower.

"So," he started, as he sat down at her feet.

"So," she echoed, smiling at him.

She could see his breath catch in his throat. She liked the way his Adams apple bobbed up and down. He was so different from Paul. Paul was dark. Dark hair, dark eyes, dark clothes. Aiden was blonde, with beautiful cobalt eyes, and preferred simple tee-shirts and jeans. But she was struck, once again, with the anger she saw in his eyes.

She lay there, drowning in his eyes. They were like a stormy ocean and put her into a trance, making her hands ache to touch him. She sat up and put a hand to his neck, sighing as his heat seeped though her hand, sending her whole body on fire. He looked at her, shocked and unsure. Hell, she was too. This was Aiden. Her next door neighbor and not quite friend. She shouldn't feel fluttering in her stomach as her skin made contact with his. But it did, and it scared the hell out of her. She never felt this way with Paul.

Ash didn't know why she did what she did next. She didn't kiss him. She didn't get up and leave. All she did was fall back onto the bed and instantly drifted into a deep sleep.