"Please, please, just kill me!" Ilatum pleaded from her corner of the cramped room. Her red hair fell in front of her face, hiding her tear-streaked skin from him as she trembled beneath her sweater. "Despotis, please, I can't take this anymore, just kill me and get it over with."

Despotis stepped forward and carefully examined the girl with crystalline blue eyes.

"I thought you wanted to live?" he mused, bending down to her level; she quickly looked away only to have Despotis reach out and grip her chin, forcing her to look at him. "Just last night you were begging me to spare your life,"

"That was before you tried to peel the skin off my bones," she snapped bitterly, causing his attention to fall to the large bleeding gashes that marred her otherwise perfect skin.

"You brought that on yourself, Ilatum, you were a bad girl, bad girls are punished." He stood on his feet and gazed down at her through merciless eyes.

"Then punish me, kill me."

Despotis cocked his head and merely continued to observe her. "If you are human at all, you'll kill me." her voice trembled slightly, but otherwise gave no sign of the fear that she felt.

Despotis turned his back to the distraught woman only to fish the gun from his pocket. "You want to die, then you shall die." He whipped around, squeezing the trigger of the gun as he did. The bullet hit her between her green eyes and her body jerked once before she slumped over dead. Despotis nudged her now lifeless body with his foot before he returned the gun to his pocket and turned from the room.

Jessica Rickler had not been the first of his 'Pets'. No, in fact she had been the third, and so far, the quickest one that he had disposed of. All together it had been a month, from the time he had moved her in with him to the time he had killed her. She was the most useless of them all! He thought glumly, we knew better then to choose a full-grown woman. The girl was too smart for her own good. Next time we will chose more wisely, won't we, Loki?

"Yes, we will," he mumbled half heartedly as he ran his hand over his face. "Next time it'll behave like a good girl or suffer the consequences."

…One Month later…

Loki Despotis found himself so engrossed in the large bird next to him that he did not hear the sound of fast approaching footsteps until something collided with his back. He fell to the ground, stunned, but otherwise, unharmed. Loki rolled over to face whatever had knocked him over only to see a young woman franticly picking up what looked like home work papers.

"I am so sorry, I'm sorry," Loki soon lost count of how many times she repeated this before she looked up and met his gaze.

"Don't worry, it was my fault." He said smiling politely,

"No," she shook her head and picked up the last of the papers. "I shouldn't have been running like that, otherwise I-I would have been able to stop," the girl said stumbling over her words, "I'm really sorry." She stood to her feet, finally, and Loki got a good look at her.

She was a good foot shorter than his tall demeanor with dark eyes and long hair. She trembled slightly under his gaze and shifted her weight nervously from one foot to the other, "I-I have t-to go."

Loki cocked his head and watched her quickly retreating form. When she turned the street corner, he smirked and whispered a single word to himself.



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