Kim trudged down the hallway, looking at the tile as it passed beneath her. She really hated being cooped up in the hospital, she missed the outdoors with a deep passion. At least the scrubs are comfy…

She didn't realize where she was going until she ran into a figure. Kim yelped, surprised, and started to fall backwards.

"Sorry!" The woman shouted, grabbing Kim's wrist and yanking her back up before Kim could hit the ground.

Kim tried to smile at her. "I've had worse." She shrugged.

The woman examined Kim's bruised and cut skin for a moment.

"Car accident?" She guessed.

"Psychopath." Kim said sadly.

"I know that one all too well." She tried to sigh but flinched.

Kim shifted awkwardly from foot to foot. "I'm Kim." She finally said.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Kat." Kat greeted, "So how long are you in here?"

"A few more days… then I have to speak at the trial."

"That doesn't sound like fun." Kat scrunched her nose.

Kim nodded her agreement, staring off into space. "No… it doesn't…."


Kimberly Carston.
Two months after she was released from the hospital, she found she was pregnant. She gave child up for adoption.
When she turned sixteen, her mother had her emancipated. She moved in with Kat, her new best friend.

Damion Black.
The day after the trial came to a close, Damion finally got up the courage to ask Kim out. They've been going together ever since.

Mathew Johnson
Johnson was found guilty, for not only Kim's abduction, but the abduction and murder of two other minors, and on adult. He was sentenced to life with no chance of parole.