In My Plastic World


Barbie – an older gorgeous doll.

Ken – Barbie's bum boyfriend

Midge– Barbie's best friend
Allan – Midge's husband and Ken's best friend
Young man #1 and 2: fans of Barbie and Teresa
Blaine – a famous super model, also Barbie's new love interest.

Act One Scene One

Enters Barbie, a blonde bombshell whose plastic face is layered thick with heavy make-up. Barbie's long, thick blonde hair stiffly sways as she walks into her bright living room. The living room was full of pink furniture, including a pink television set that was currently blaring.

Barbie (face contorting slightly, shouting over the TV):Ken, turn that damn television down! I can barely hear my own thoughts.

Ken (not looking up from the TV, while sitting on the plastic covered couch): Yes, Barb.

Barbie grimaces at his nickname for her and walks rigidly across the room to sit next to Ken. She sits on the couch, her hips creaking slightly as she leans backward to glance at her boyfriend.

Barbie (whining)Ken, when are you going to get another job? You know we need the extra money so I can get Botox for my crow's feet!

Ken heaves a heavy sigh and shifts on the couch. He ignores his girlfriend's question as he reaches for the bowl full of potato chips. Ken's bearded face had grown plump with the years passed and his toned body turned into soft-bellied and fleshy. He was an embarrassment to Barbie these days.

Barbie: Ken, will you answer me when I'm talking to you! You're so aloof these days. I can't stand it anymore.

Ken (slightly touchy): I can't stand you anymore.

Barbie (gasping): Me? Me?

Ken (as if talking to a child): Yes, you.

Barbie: You can't mean that.

Ken (saying around a mouth of chips): Well, I do.

Barbie presses a hand to her shiny forehead, playing the perfect part of a damsel-in-distress. A large, blue tear rolls down her glossy face and she sniffs loudly. She opens her mouth to say a fiery retort, but the phone rings, playing, "Barbie Girl," as a ring tone. She jumps up and power walks over to the flower-print phone and lifts it to her ear.

Barbie (brightly, her tearful act over): Hello, Barbie residence!

Ken rolls his eyes as she once again forgot to add his name in the greeting. He pays half the rent anyways.

Barbie: Midge, how nice of you to call! (Barbie laughs at what Midge says and then glances over at Ken, giving him a dark look) Oh, I'm fine…you know how it is these days. (Barbie nods, switching the receiver to her other ear) Two o'clock? Yes, that's great. I'll meet you there. Okay, (smiling) ta-ta, love.

Barbie sets the receiver down with a small click and turns swiftly on her emerald heels. Her light purple skirt sways with her movement as she walks over to Ken, standing in front of him, blocking his intense gaze.

Ken (sarcastically): Better door than a window.

Barbie (rolling her eyes, still not moving): Whatever. Ken, I'm leaving to meet for Midge lunch.

Ken (muttering under his breath): Hopefully you won't come back either.

Barbie (sardonically): I love you, too.

Barbie grabs her sunny yellow jacket from the coat rack and pulls it on, lifting her hair from under the coat. She grabs her handbag and slides it to her elbow, while she unlocks the door. Without a final glance at Ken, she opens the door and leaves the house.

Ken looks at the door as she shuts it and lets out a nostalgic sigh. The love between them had vanished years ago and nothing was left except hurtful bitterness.

Act one, Scene two

Barbie, sitting with her glossy legs crossed at the booth, leans in towards Midge looking around the room. The room was abuzz with other people; it was a busy day at Café California.

Barbie (whispering): I've found someone new.

Midge gasps, her blue-gold eyes widening in shock. She presses a perfectly manicured hand to her full-rosy mouth and staresat Barbie. Midge was one of Barbie's oldest friends and her husband, Allan, is Ken's best "buddy." She came from an Irish background, her words holding a slight Irish accent as she spoke.

Teresa: You don't say… what's his name?

Barbie (smiling, love-struck): Blaine. He's perfect, Midge …and brand-new.

Midge (awed): You mean, he's right out of the box? Isn't that a little young for you, Barbie?

Barbie (slightly miffed): No one is too young for me. But, Midge, you'll have to see hi—(Barbie cuts herself off as a group of young men walk over to their booth)

Barbie (putting on her biggest smile and flips her golden hair): Can we help you, boys?

The young men gaze in adoration at Barbie and Midge, their beauty not faded from their years of fame.

Young man # 1 (stammering): C-can we h-have your autographs?

Young man # 2 (blurts out): I love you, Barbie! (Blushes to the roots of his red hair)

Barbie (looks at Midge, superciliously): I know you do, sweetheart. I'm irresistible.

Midge refrains from rolling her eyes and grabs a purple pen from her purse. She signs the boys' booklets and watches Barbie pull out a bottle of perfume and a pink, feather-tipped pen. Barbie signs with flourish and sprays each booklet with a mist of fruity perfume.

Barbie: Run along now, boys.

They nod and all stand still for a moment, fixated. Barbie claps her hands and they jolt into motion, backing away, tripping over their feet. As soon as they leave, Barbie lets out a tortured sigh.

Barbie: Sometimes I just can't stand being famous. Fans interrupt my conversations all the time. Don't you ever get sick of it, Midge?

Midge (shrugging): Not really. I just think it comes along with the jo-.

Barbie (cutting Teresa off): Anyways, about Blaine, I swear he is perfect for me. He even hinted about (giggling) marriage!

Midge (ignoring Barbie's previous interruption): Well that would be something new, since Ken doesn't want to commit.

Barbie nods and takes a sip from her coffee cup. Her cherry lips form into a frown of displeasure as she sets down the mug.

Barbie (annoyed): My coffee is cold. Where is that waitress anyways? We ordered our food ten minutes ago. This is totally uncalled for.

Midge (reassuring): She'll be around soon enough. (Changing the touchy subject) What does Blaine look like?

Barbie (looking slightly suspicious at the question): Don't you think you can steal him away from me, Midge! He doesn't go for…your type of looks.

Teresa ignores the jab, knowing that this is how Barbie usually is.

Midge (dryly): I'm married, Barbie.

Barbie (nodding): Well, he has golden hair with beautiful blue eyes…much nicer than Ken's eyes. He is very in shape (laughing softly) I don't know if I'll be able to keep up with him! He's such a hard worker, unlike Ken who has never committed to anything in his life. Blaine is tall, much taller than me…and he has a job at a modeling agency! Ken has never held a steady job…I swear he has been at least twenty different things!

Midge: Wow, that'll be great publicity for you with another model. You're going to become ten times more famous!

Barbie (rolling her eyes): I'm already ten times more famous, Midge. I'm the most wanted model there is. (Glancing at her diamond-crusted watch) Oh, wow. Look at the time. I have to leave to meet (sighs dreamily) Blaine.

Barbie stands and Midge slides out of the booth to say good-bye. Barbie and Midge hug each other and air-kiss each cheek.

Midge (smiling): It was nice catching up with you, sweetie.

Barbie: Yes, lets do it again sometime. See you around, doll. (Finger waving) Tootles.

Act Two Scene One

Low jazzy music fills the room of the smoky bar as Ken tosses back a shot. He slams the shot glass on the slick bar counter and glances up at the stricken bartender.

Ken (slurs): Another one. Please.

Bartender: Buddy, I think you've had enough. (Looks down at the ten empty shot glasses in front of Ken)

Ken (agitated): Hey, w-who's payin' here? (Ken starts to stand when a hand pushes him back down into his seat. Ken looks up bewildered and ready to shove the person away)

Allan: Ken, it's Allan. Remember me?

Ken looks up at Allan with bleary eyes and recognizes his long-time friend for his vibrant red hair and chocolate brown eyes. A smile breaks out across Ken's unshaven face and he swings his hand down towards the bar stool beside him.

Ken (graciously): Have a seat, my friend! (Looks at the bartender with challenging eyes) Another round of drinks! Where's Midge, man?

Allan declines the offer and glances over at Ken, giving him a sideways glance.

Allan (curiously): Midge is at home with the kids. But why are you here? I mean, I know I'm a regular, but you're rarely here unless something's up.

Ken (resting his head on his forearms): It's Barbie. I think she's c-cheatin' on me.

Allan (shocked): Barbie? I always knew she was a cold-hearted…nevermind, but I never thought she would cheat on you. I'm sorry, bud.

Ken (looks up, shrugging): Nothin' I can do about it now. She's found a better (sneers) boyfriend.

Allan (slapping Ken on the back): C'mon, man, I'll take you home.

Ken stands up dejectedly and leaves a full shot glass on the counter, grabbing his jacket. He follows Allan out of the smoke-filled room and walks over to Allan's car, standing at the passenger door.

Ken: Thanks Al, I appreciate it.

Allan smiles and unlocks both of the doors and they climb inside. They drive away towards Ken's apartment.

Act Two Scene Two

Enters Ken the next morning, wearing baggy blue jeans with a stained white T-shirt, he is wearing an expression of disbelief. He walks over towards Barbie, who is filing her magenta nails while lounging on the settee.

Ken (hurtfully): Who is Blaine, Barbara?

Barbie looks up in surprise at Ken and she sets the nail file down on the coffee table. She sits up, her joints slightly creaking as she moves.

Barbie: I don't know what you mean, Ken. I've never heard of a…(hesitates) Blaine before.

Ken (sarcastically): That's why there were flowers for you left by Blaine Richards, the super model.

Barbie (pretense over): Fine, you asked for it. He's my new boyfriend, okay?

Barbie stands up to face Ken as he takes a step backwards in shock. A flash of incredulity flickers across his face as his blue eyes widen. He puts a hand on the wall beside him and rests heavily against it.

Barbie (laughing bitterly): Oh come on, Ken, don't act so hurt. You had to know something was up during these past weeks. Nothing has been the same anymore (puts hands on hips) and you know it!

Ken (simply): Why?

Barbie: For starters, I can't have a bum for a boyfriend! You don't have a job, you've lost your (sneers) good looks, and you sit around all day getting fat! Basically, you're not good enough for me.

Ken: If that's how you feel, Barbie, I'll just pack my bags and leave.

Uncertainty passes across Barbie's flawless face as the finality of their relationship registers. Barbie opens her mouth to say something but stops short as a knock on the door echoes throughout the room. Barbie glances over at Ken who is grabbing his stuff from the living room and she walks over to the door, opening it.

Barbie (surprise): Blaine! What are you doing here? I didn't think you knew where I lived.

Enters Blaine, a young man in his early twenties, wearing a pineapple jacket and khaki pants. Blaine has beach boy good looks with long blonde hair and sunny blue eyes and with the surfer personality to match.

Blaine: Hey, babe. I sent you flowers, 'member?

Barbie: Oh, right…(remembering her spat with Ken), Blaine, maybe this isn't a good time.

Blaine (slyly): Well, I guess I could go to another chick's hou—

Barbie: No! I mean, come on inside, forgive my bad manners. It must be cold out there.

Blaine (smiling): Don't mind if I do, dudette.

Blaine walks inside the bright house and briefly looks around before jumping on the couch. He grabs the remote and flips on the television. Barbie looks slightly disgruntled, but remembers how good looking he is and smiles adorningly at his sunny-gold locks, tousling his hair.

Sounds of dressers being slammed ricochet off the walls as Ken storms into the living room, but stops still at the site of Blaine. An expression of anger flashes across his face as he flexes his fleshy fists. Barbie stands behind Blaine, not sure how to explain this precarious situation.

Barbie: Uh…

Ken: Not even ten minutes before I leave and you already have him moving in!

Blaine jumps at Ken's roaring voice and looks up in surprise at Ken. He twists around to stare at Ken with a slight creaking noise coming from his narrow waist.

Blaine (disbelief): Woah, like, you're…Ken.

Ken (rolling his eyes): You know how to pick 'em, Barb.

Blaine (staring at Ken): Woah, like…woah, hold up. (Looks over at Barbie) That's like…Ken.

Barbie (sighing): Yes, Blaine, that's Ken…my ex -boyfriend.

Blaine (awed): He was, like, my hero! Way back in my in-the-box days, there was a day, even I, Blaine Richards, looked up at Ken Carson. (Looks at Ken) What happened, dude? You're like, fat now…

Ken rolls his eyes and grabs his luggage. He glances over at Barbie and then at Blaine, who is staring blankly at Ken with a stupid smile on his face.

Barbie (hesitating): Ken…

Ken (bitterly): You've made your choice, Barbie. I knew things weren't great between us, but I never thought you would cheat on me.

Blaine (looking at Barbie): You cheated on Ken? That's not cool, dudette…Ken is like…(stops in mid-sentence) whatever, man, Ken is just Ken.

Barbie stops staring at Ken to glance over at Blaine with disbelief. Blaine stands up from the couch and walks over to Ken, holding out his hand.

Barbie: What are you doing, Blaine?

Blaine: Supportin' my idol! (Looks at Ken) Shake it man.

Ken looks at Blaine strangely and shakes his hand, his anger dissipating. Blaine grins at Ken and glances over at Barbie, who stood still her mouth slightly hanging open.

Ken (smirks): Looks like you're losing two guys now, sweetie.

Barbie (ignores Ken): Blaine, why are you doing this? What does this mean for us?

Blaine (confusion): What do you mean "us"? We're just friends, dudette. You're like, cool and all, but you're like, too old for me.

Barbie (gasps): But what about our marriage!? You said you'd marry me!

Blaine (seriously) Look, I'm like, sorry, if I hurt you…but…I just needed the publicity. A new young doll coming out of the box with an older more experienced doll…(grins) that just screams great media.

Barbie's eyes fill up with tears and she runs over to Ken, throwing herself into his arms, sobbing.

Barbie: Ken I'm so sorry! I didn't mean it, not a word. You're everything to me. (Pleading) Please don't go.

Ken (pushing Barbie off him): I think you deserve to be alone, Barbie. I don't want you any more; you're nothing but a deceitful…toy.

Barbie (shocked): You…you don't know what you're doing, Ken! I'll show you! The both of you!

Ken shrugs and picks his other bag in his free hand. Blaine smiles at Barbie and gives her a finger wave and starts out in front of Ken, exiting the house. Barbie heaves a sob and sinks down onto the plush, flamingo colored carpet, her legs folding beneath her. Ken stares down at her golden curls and shakes his head.

Barbie continues to cry while he sets down his bags near the doorway to pull on a long gray jacket. He grabs his fedora hat from the coat rack and tugs it over his head, tilting it slightly over his one eye. Ken glances over at Barbie one last time, picking up his bags.

Ken: Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn.

Barbie sobs harder as the finality of his words wash over her.

(curtain falls)

A/N: Just a short play I wrote in my Creative Writing class. This is the first play I wrote and I didn't know if Fictionpress accepted plays or not..? Tell me if I'm wrong, heh. I wanted to make it longer or add more detail to it, but we had to read this outloud in class and it was already eight pages...haha. Any suggestions?