Have you ever had such a huge crush on someone that you knew was love but it could never be returned? Although unrequited love can be as painful as a physical blow to the stomach, no one can say they never felt it at least once in their entire lives.

I, Kayla Peters, have certainly felt it. Ten times over. For a guy who barely knew I existed. He had his own love interest, Emily Olsen. Beautiful, smart and rich Emily Anne Olsen. And my very own best friend.

But that never stopped me from trying my best to persuade him, Brian Hunter, my love interest, to take an interest in me. It sounds selfish and unethical but what could I do? I knew Emily only started to notice Brian when I pointed him out to her. And I liked Brian so much, I would do almost anything for him. Little did I know, I was going to have to die trying.

"You've been staring out of that window for quite some time. You look anxious too…are you expecting to go somewhere?" Kayla asked Brian, hiding her hurt in a smile. She felt a bit hurt knowing that today was only happening because he felt pity for her. But she was going to take anything over what he has done for almost six years. She knew she sounded desperate but she needed just one day with only him and after today, she can let him go. She would certainly still love him as much as she already had. But she wanted one day…just one day.

Brian was startled out of his thoughts of Emily. He then remembered he was having a simple lunch in Kayla's house. It was a nuisance to him to have to do this when Emily was probably out there, going out with her girlfriends and expecting him to call. Which was what he was supposed to do, but was he? No, he was spending a day with a girl he never thought of as more than an acquaintance. But because she had been trying so hard, he thought if he did this one thing, she would leave him alone.

"Yeah, I mean no…just admiring the view. Your house's view is really something." Brian forced a smile as he stabbed his fork into the chicken salad and came out with a piece of chicken. Her home-cooked meal was quite delicious so it was a consolation.

Kayla could feel the fountain from her eyes about to burst but she forced her smile to stay intact as she finally finished her last piece of chicken. She wiped her mouth with her napkin and leaned back on her chair as she studied Brian one last time. Her smile softened as she remembered the first time she met him. He was still wearing glasses at the time, which never hid his amazing green eyes with golden flecks.

At the time, he was reading a book and his eyes were lit with laughter and a tiny quirk at the corner of his lips told anyone who was looking at him that he was amused by whatever line he was reading in the book. Kayla remembered thinking that he was someone she could be with just reading in silence and still enjoying and acknowledging each other's company.

Then he had burst into laughter and Kayla remembered that she giggled a little because she felt his amusement catch on. Afterwards, he looked around embarrassedly and sheepishly ran his fingers through his ash blonde hair before returning to his book with a secretive smile on his face.

Kayla's smile lessened when she saw Brian look at his watch. "Wow…time sure flies when you're having fun." He said, she knew, just to be polite. She smiled widely up at him and nodded. "It sure does. So…I'll uh…see you at school." She said as she stood up with Brian. He made a beeline to the door, mumbling about something else or another. She opened the door for him and he walked out, waving a goodbye almost as an afterthought. She waved back and looked on as he went to where his car was parked. He had to cross the road but he wasn't looking right and left so he didn't see the fast approaching car.

Instinctively, her feet moved before her mouth to shout to Brian. Her runner legs moved faster than her heartbeat and breaths and she intercepted Brian and the car but before she knew it, her body was flying in the air, momentarily retarded by the top part of the car hitting her body. She slid across the hood before dropping with a sickening thud to the tarmac.

Brian scrambled up to lean on his car as he saw a steady stream of blood seep on the road from Kayla's head. He started hyperventilating when he realised that the very girl he rejected just minutes ago had saved his life, in turn taking her own.

He didn't seem to be conscious as the driver of the car that hit Kayla shot out of his car and examined her before calling the ambulance. The driver proceeded to check on Brian and came to the conclusion that the ambulance needed two stretchers as Brian had passed out.

Five days prior to the accident, Brian got hold of the news that Kayla had gotten out of her coma only to die of the excessive (and sudden) haemorrhaging in her brains.

He had just finished saying 'I love you' to Emily when he got the call from Kayla's mother, who got his phone number from her daughter's purse. It was written under contacts to call in case of emergency.