I wish

I close my eyes

And wish so hard

My head starts spinning

I wish I wasn't here

I wish I wasn't me

I wish I was a princess

In a dream world

I wish I was a fairy

Flying up in the sky

Flying to high

I wish I was a character

Of those pretty books I read

One perfect illusion

I wish I wasn't real

I wish I couldn't feel

No, I'm lying…

I just wish to feel

In a different way

In a different world

I wish all was fantasy

I wish all was true

I wish I could have that love

That flies above the skies

That is true in stories

I've always read

Oh, how I wish

I had a magic wand

Or at least a magic touch

I wish I could light the night

Without a candle

Only with a dream

I wish I could walk in clouds

And love you forever

I wish I could fight

With one bright sword

I'd be a knight

I wish I could have that someone

Who would always protect me

And would still let me be free

I wish I could sail the sky

And walk home into the sea

If life was all that fantasy

How perfect would it be!

Maybe if I close my eyes again

And wish just a little harder

Just a little harder…